Learn about the alleged assault and hostage situation involving Riley Gaines and the troubling response from the San Francisco State University Police Department.
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What an upside-down world we live in today.

The San Francisco State University Police Department has suspended its investigation into the alleged assault and hostage situation involving former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines.

This, despite the fact that the harrowing ordeal – of Gaines being “ambushed and physically hit twice by a man” this past April – was caught on tape.

Charges Dropped Against Riley Gaines Assailants

Now, imagine if you will, that same video except it’s not Riley Gaines being ambushed, it’s a biological male masquerading as a female transgender athlete or activist.

Charges would be filed, congressional hearings would be held, and President Biden would host a candlelight vigil. But because it’s an actual woman under attack … Meh.

The San Fransisco State University Police Department dropped their investigation and stated the charges were “unfounded.”

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“Remember when I was assaulted & held for ransom through the night by a mob of violent protesters at SFSU?” Gaines wrote on X. “The police have finally informed me the case has been suspended as all charges are ‘alleged’ & ‘unfounded.'”

“I guess audio, video, & eyewitness evidence aren’t admissible in SF.”

Gaines recalled the attack to Congress this past May telling lawmakers she “really truly feared” for her life.

She noted that police had to escort her to the safety of a “small room” that “would be my prison for the next three hours.”

“And in those hours, I was certainly held against my will,” she said.

Gaines once told Fox News host Harris Faulkner a story about a race she competed in with Lia Thomas, the biological male who made a mockery of NCAA women’s swimming.

She explained that this particular race ended in a tie and, as there was only one trophy to give, she had to watch as Thomas was awarded for “photo purposes.”

“When this NCAA official reduced everything that I had worked my entire life for – every girl at that meet had worked their entire life for – down to a photo op for a [biological] male, that’s when I knew I had had enough,” she said.

The incident prompted Gaines to become a vocal advocate in support of women’s sports. For that, she is a constant target.

An officer told Riley Gaines via email that the assault investigation “may be further investigated” if she is able to produce “any photos and/or videos” as evidence.

Dear SFSU Police – Please see above.

Gaines told Fox News that campus police had promised to give her security footage of the incident but said “they never provided the footage.”

Riley Gaines’ advocacy for women’s sports has sometimes come at a price with unhinged mobs protesting her for daring to object to biological males competing against their female counterparts.

Now, even law enforcement in San Francisco is turning a blind eye, afraid to rile up the LGBT Alphabet Mafia.

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