The Christian prayer app Hallow had a record download jump due to Super Bowl ad. CEO Alex Jones shared his dream come true moment on Fox News. Read all about it.
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The Christian prayer app Hallow ran an advertisement during the Super Bowl that apparently got exactly the kind of attention many were hoping for.

The Hallow app got the biggest download jump in its entire history.

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‘We All Got to Take 30 Seconds to Give Thanks to God’

For Hallow CEO Alex Jones, the Super Bowl was big in more ways than one.

Jones told Fox News on Tuesday that “It was a phenomenal night” and “a dream come true.”

“For the first time ever during the Super Bowl, we all got to take 30 seconds to give thanks to God,” said Jones. 

The story continued:

While the ad did not air in all markets — about half of all Super Bowl viewers saw the ad — Hallow still saw a tremendous response.

“The minute the spot ran we saw the biggest spike in Hallow history,” Jones told Fox News Digital. “It was the most downloads in a single minute we’d ever seen. We’re already ranking ahead of Netflix on the App Store charts and Lent hasn’t even started yet. Glory to God.”

The ad, which ran for 30 seconds, featured actors Mark Wahlberg and Jonathan Roumie. “God, we take this moment just to give you thanks,” said Wahlberg, who narrated the ad. 

“We thank you for this time to come together, as family, as friends, and as a country.”

“Help us, Lord, especially this Lent, to grow closer to you, Amen.” 

Wahlberg then asked viewers to “join us in prayer this Lent on Hallow” — and to “stay prayed up.” 

Some People Who Saw the Hallow App Ad Reportedly Returned to Their Faith

Fox News also noted, “Jones said that he and the rest of the Hallow team have been ‘blown away by the responses to the spot.” 

“The ad even inspired some people to come back to their faith,” he said according to the report.

Wahlberg has long been open about his Christian faith and deep belief in God.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Even in the age of apps.

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