The NFL Honors Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding performances and achievements of players, coaches, and more. Many players thanked God in their acceptance speech. Check out the list of those players who praised Him! #NFLHonors
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The NFL Honors Awards are an annual event held to recognize the outstanding performances and achievements of players, coaches, and other notable figures in the National Football League (NFL).

These awards celebrate the exceptional accomplishments and contributions made by individuals in the NFL, both on and off the field.

There were a few surprises with who won the awards, but perhaps the night’s biggest surprise was how many players thanked God in their acceptance speech.

NFL Honors Awards

At the NFL Honors Awards, several players expressed gratitude and gave thanks to God during their acceptance speeches. Maybe the league should consider changing those endzone messages from the patronizing ‘End Racism’ to the life-affirming ‘Give Glory to God’.

And with that, here is a list of players who praised Him during their acceptance speech.

CJ Stroud

“How y’all doing,” the Bounding Into Sports fan favorite and Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud began after being awarded Offensive Rookie of the Year.

“First and foremost, I just want to give all glory and praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Will Anderson Jr.

On the other side of the ball, Stroud’s teammate, Houston Texans defensive lineman Will Anderson Jr. collected the award for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

“First I just got to give all glory to God, man, without him none of this is possible. He deserves all the honor and praise,” he told the audience.

“Thank ya’ll for helping me, bringing me closer to God, helping me show that his mercy and his grace are undeniable,” he later added in his speech.

Christian McCaffrey

San Francisco 49ers running Christian McCaffrey had an all-time great season culminating in this Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“This is such an honor. First and foremost, I want to thank God. I feel so blessed to be standing up here right now,” McCaffrey said to open his speech.

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Myles Garrett

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett took home Defensive Player of the Year honors at the NFL Honors Awards ceremony.

He addressed the crowd: “Howdy. First of all, I want to say all glory to the most high. Without him, I would not be here in front of y’all today.”

Lamar Jackson

To nobody’s surprise, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson took home his second Most Valuable Player award after an outstanding season. And he immediately praised God.

“First and foremost, you know I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without him, nothing is possible,” Jackson said.

Cam Heyward

Of all the awards doled out at the NFL Honors program, perhaps the most prestigious is the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award. Because it not only honors your work on the field but distinguishes you as a kind human being off the field.

This year’s winner was Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward.

“First of all, I want to say thank you to God. I wouldn’t be here today (without him),” he said. “Ever since I’ve been a Pittsburgh Steeler, I’ve always thought God and my dad had a plan for me, and I’m living it right now.”

The league has come a long way since the days when players who praised God like Tim Tebow were roundly mocked by the media.

Let’s hope it keeps progressing to a group of athletes who love – God, family, and country – instead of a group of attention-seeking haters who kneel in defiance of the flag instead of kneeling to honor the Almighty.

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