Travis Kelce says Americans are 'fascinated' with him & Taylor Swift because of their values. Discover what the NFL star had to say in this blog post!
Screenshots: Megyn Kelly and Taylor Swift

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, whom Aaron Rodgers once labeled “Mr. Pfizer” after he appeared in a COVID vaccine ad for the pharmaceutical company for a reported $20 million, believes Americans are “fascinated” with him and pop star girlfriend Taylor Swift because of their “values.”

Or, ya know, the fact that NFL cameramen are directed to show her every chance they get and media outlets run stories like Fox News hiring “forensic lipreaders” to analyze what she may or may not be saying.

Travis Kelce On He And Taylor Swift: Americans Love Our Values

Yes, the NFL discovered the age-old technique that by repeatedly shoving a manufactured storyline down the throat of viewers, it will generate interest – negative or positive.

But that’s not why fans are enamored with the Kelce/Swift connection. At least, according to Kelce.

“Why do you think everyone is so fascinated with you two?” a reporter wondered.

“I think the values that we stand for and just who we are as people,” he replied.

“We love to shine light on others, shine light around the people that help and support us,” he added. “On top of that, I feel like we both have just a love for life.”

Excuse me while I go dry-heave.

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While it is unclear what “values” in Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift the Kansas City Chiefs Tight End is referring to, it is well-documented that the singer is a hardcore Biden supporter.

It is also pretty well known that Kelce’s ‘values’ include being bought for his COVID-19 vaccine message for – allegedly – $20 million.

Just look at this buffoon and his little blue bandaid.

Reports began surfacing that while Travis Kelce makes $14 million on an NFL football field, he made $20 million to schill for Pfizer. Aaron Rodgers joked that Kelce was “Mr. Pfizer” but the Chiefs star stood by his vaccine values.

“I got it because of keeping myself safe, keeping my family safe, the people in this building, so yeah I stand by it 1000%,” he said. “Fully comfortable with him calling me Mr. Pfizer.”

 As for those values. We know what they really are.

A report last month indicates Swift has created a “brand value” of $331.5 million for the Chiefs and the NFL.

Seems like America’s forced fascination with the couple is more about that than it is about how they like to “shine light on others.”

The Chiefs are 2.5-point underdogs to the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII. What do you suppose the over/under is on how many times the broadcast mentions Taylor Swift?

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