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The Big Aristotle may need to check his premises after sponsoring a so-called “gun buyback” in Dallas in cooperation with the county. The event, run by the Dallas County Sheriff, will be held this weekend at the Sheriff’s Academy.

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Buying “Back”

These so-called “buybacks” are a misnomer; the police aren’t the ones who sold the guns to the damned fools who participate in this nonsense.

Even worse, participants get laughably ripped off in the process. NBC DFW reports that handguns fetch $100 gift cards and long guns fetch $125 gift cards. That, my friends, is called Rip Off City.

Regardless, Shaq – who famously has served in multiple law enforcement roles – thinks the gun buyback is a great idea.

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Shaq Likes The Gun Buyback

Commenting on Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown’s efforts, Shaq said, “I support Sheriff Brown’s initiatives; Sheriff is doing the right thing and keeping our communities safe.”

As to why the police are ripping off gullible suckers with cheap gift cards instead of incredibly powerful tools, Sheriff Brown said in a statement, “This is an opportunity for law enforcement to educate and equip community members with the tools to properly dispose of unwanted firearms. Too many deaths have occurred from firearms lying around and they end up in the hands of the vulnerable population.”

Surely there are better options!

Shaq The Cop

Throughout his life and career, Shaq took on law enforcement roles of varying capacities. Most recently, he appeared in a video for the Los Angeles Port Police – but he was an actual reserve officer with the unit in 2002 when he played on the Lakers.

When Shaq moved to Miami to play for the Heat, he took a job as a reserve officer for the Miami Beach Police – he was paid a $1 salary.

He has also been a reserve officer in Doral, Florida, and Clayton County, Georgia.

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