Former NFL player Richard Sherman arrested for suspicion of DUI. Get the latest details on his arrest and learn more about the incident.
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Richard Sherman’s driving got him into trouble two years ago.

Now the former NFL player is in trouble with the law again.

Over the weekend, the former Seattle Seahawk was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

‘Watery and Bloodshot’ Eyes

Sherman was arrested around 2 AM on Saturday morning for suspicion of DUI after he was stopped in King County, Washington.

On3 Sports reports, “According to CNN‘s reporting from the Washington State Patrol, the former cornerback was driving 79 miles per hour in a 60 miles per hour zone. Upon performing the traffic stop, the police questioned Sherman about whether he’d been drinking, at which point he told them he’d had two margaritas. He submitted to a voluntary alcohol test at the scene of the stop.”

“The first appearance document in Sherman’s case also notes that the current Amazon NFL analyst and Undisputed co-host had ‘watery and bloodshot’ eyes,” On3 noted. “It also describes how the police noted an ‘odor of intoxicants.”

The story continued:

On Saturday, a King County District Court judge found probable cause for DUI. Sherman is now expected to have a court hearing on Monday to address his conditions of release, according to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. No bail amount has been set yet and Sherman is currently booked at the King County Correctional Facility.

This is not the first time Richard Sherman has faced legal issues. In March 2022, he pleaded guilty to first-degree negligent driving, second-degree criminal trespass along with speeding in a construction zone back. This was all part of a plea deal relating to an incident from the summer before.

The judge gave him a 90-day suspended sentence and ordered him to pay a fine of $2,500. Sherman also faced two years of monitored supervision. If he stayed out of legal trouble, the judge said, he would not serve any jail time. He also had to install an interlock device in his car. The deal also required him to attend Alcohol and Drug Information School and a DUI Victim’s Panel. The two years on the plea deal have yet to expire.

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Second-Time Charge For Richard Sherman

It was almost two years ago to the month that Sherman found himself in hot water.

“In the first incident, Sherman crashed his car in a construction zone and abandoned it,” On3 recalled. “He then walked to his in-laws home. Police said he damaged the home and got into an argument through a closed front door with someone inside.”

That’s quite the behavior for an 11-year pro with both the Seahawks and 49ers.

Whatever happens with this charge, let’s hope there’s not a third time. For his safety and everyone else’s.