Outrageous video of a female pastor kicking a Bible off the stage during a Super Bowl-themed event. #SuperBowlBible
Screenshot: Jon Root

Video of a Super Bowl-themed church celebration featuring a female pastor kicking a Bible off stage like a kickoff attempt has resurfaced on social media, leaving viewers angered and perplexed.

The video appears to have taken place around the time of Super Bowl LIV in 2020 when this year’s participants – the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs – faced off previously.

The wild video comes courtesy of Protestia who revived the old video in a report. It was shared by sports and faith commentator Jon Root.

“Super Bowl-themed church services are bad enough but this may be the worst,” Root wrote. “This woman kicks off the Bible…”

And indeed, she does.

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Super Bowl-Themed Bible Kickoff

Aside from the obvious cringe factor with this Super Bowl presentation, what would compel a pastor to think it a good idea to have a holder put the Bible on the floor and then boot it into the crowd?

According to Protestia, the video took place at one of the fastest-growing megachurches in the country, Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. They report that the man “receiving” the Bible is lead pastor Brian Tome, while the kicker is teaching pastor Alli Patterson.

It is unclear if Patterson was supposed to simply kick the Bible to Tome, but she went hard into it like Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker from 57 yards out.

Regardless, people were both outraged and confused by the resurfaced video.

“This is very very dumb,” wrote Texas Scorecard publisher Michael Quinn Sullivan.

That may be an understatement.

“Christians in the first century got brutally murdered for merely possessing the word of God. A ‘pastor’ in 2024 is now kicking the word of God across the pulpit,” added former Trump campaign aide Lizzie Marbach.

“In what world does something like this occur, and the entire crowd doesn’t rise and exit the premises?” asked Virgil Walker, contributor to Fearless with Jason Whitlock. “This seems to be the unfortunate reality of a significant portion of evangelicalism.”

In what world does a pastor kick a Bible into a crowd you ask? This world. Crossroads Church, according to the Protestia report, also transforms its lobby into a stadium-type atmosphere where a ‘Super Bowl of Preaching contest’ between pastors who enter the arena like MMA fighters.

What a wild scene.

What do you think of this church’s Super Bowl-themed shows? Harmless fun or pure blasphemy? Tell us by sharing this post across social media and leaving a comment.

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