Sensational footage of the women's volleyball match between Seneca and Centennial. Watch the video to learn about the 5 biological male athletes who dominated the court!
Screenshots: Daily Mail Video

Welcome to collegiate sports in the year 2024, folks. Where men are men, women are men, and the sheep are scared.

Video has surfaced showing a hotly contested volleyball match between Seneca College and Centennial College in Toronto on January 24th.

In the match, five players in particular dominated the action. What did they all share in common?

New And Improved Women’s Volleyball, Now With Men!

The Daily Mail reported on the video and noted that – shockingly – the biological males “dominated action on the court.”

“The biologically male athletes were seen smashing the ball past their female teammates. The controversial players each stayed on the court for the entire game – while the biologically female players were substituted on and off the bench,” they wrote.

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Is there any more infuriating image than the one showing actual women riding the pine while both team’s coaches play Vera de Milo at Right Side Hitter?

My God.

According to David Menzies, the Rebel News reporter who provided the footage, “Real biological women have needed medical assistance thanks to taking spikes off their head.”

And yes, a 17-year-old female suffered a concussion and a neck injury during a varsity high school volleyball match in North Carolina after a biological male opponent spiked a ball into her face.

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Payton McNabb said a male player spiked the ball so hard she was “knocked unconscious and suffered a concussion and a neck injury.”

But one needn’t look outside this match to find problems.

Two of the players in this video, one from Centennial College and one from Seneca College were involved in incidents that saw “two major head injuries to female volleyball athletes,” the Mail reports.

Aside from the obvious inury concerns, one has to wonder if these men playing women’s volleyball are taking scholarships away from female players.

We’ve gone from the #MeToo movement to the #HeToo movement in the matter of a few short years. What a world we live in.

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