Discover the captivating world of Paige VanZant: former UFC fighter, fitness enthusiast, and successful OnlyFans model. Get a glimpse into her glamorous life.
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Former UFC fighter turned OnlyFans model Paige VanZant has garnered a significant following on Instagram, where she shares her fitness journey and modeling photos.

She currently has over 3.1 million followers.

A toned physique, blonde hair, and striking features have all contributed to her reputation for beauty and sex appeal. Occasionally though, her posts come very close to crossing the line when it comes to Instagram’s Community Guidelines on ‘appropriate imagery.’

Here are 10 examples of Paige Vanzant nearly crossing that line.

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

VanZant showcases her love of leopard print and Western attire in this image and notes the photographers usually have a good time taking her photos.

“The guys working for you that are doing your photo shoots, have NEVER … ever EVER HAD such good quality photos to get Jiggy 🤌 wit it,” she writes.

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Welcome To Miami

When she’s not ‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’, Paige VanZant is sharing images just screaming “Bienvenidos a Miami”.

Get it? It’s a Will Smith theme. Jiggy … Welcome to Miami.

Ahem, anyway.

VanZant dares to bare quite a bit from this image tagged in Miami, Florida.

New Workout

VanZant posted a short clip of her new favorite workout routine, which apparently involves a stripper pole from a dance studio called Pole Felony Fitness.

It’s a crime not to have seen this video sooner.

Pretty And Revealing, Pretty Revealing

Some of VanZant’s images and videos include clothing that is just a smidge of the see-through variety. This one happens to fall into that category.

She is stunning, of course, but Instagram must have had a coronary trying to debate if this violated their guidelines.

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Tea For Two

Kitchen photoshoots are never easy, but VanZant pulls it off without a hitch. Instagram though, must have been wondering how she got the water in the tea kettle to boil without ever turning the stove on.

Watch the video to find out…

Paige’s Mom Has Got It Goin’ On

One Instagram post shows a gorgeous blonde in a thong bikini at a, um … reverse angle. The next panel says: “You just liked a pic of my Mom. You dog.”

Yea, so what of it?

VanZant writes, “Got it from my Momma.” And the pics are amazing.

True Blood

Alright, I’m not quite sure what’s happening in this video, but there appears to be some sort of vampire theme. Whatever it is, Instagram’s Community Guidelines hall monitor must have gone apoplectic when they saw it.

It somehow survived being cut in the end.

Paige VanZant: Straight Fire

Here we have another instance of Paige flirting with skirting Community Guidelines by sporting another slightly see-through outfit.

But damn, she looks so good here. Thank you, Instagram, for allowing it!

Pushing Boundaries

We’re not talking about boundaries in general. Or even Instagram’s guidelines. But rather, the boundaries of her top.

We’re just happy the knots held. I guess. That said, the oiled-up version of VanZant is a nice touch.


Bringing ex-WWE star Mandy Rose into one of her photoshoots lit social media on fire. VanZant and Rose looked amazing, but Instagram had to be wondering how close they came to the line with those tops!

It’s safe to say that Paige VanZant is widely regarded as a beautiful woman. But she occasionally blurs the line between mainstream social media sharing and her OnlyFans account with some of these Instagram posts.

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