Controversy surrounds Nassau County's transgender sports ban. Learn about the legal battle and the arguments from both sides.

Nassau County in New York decided that transgender women – biological men who identify as female – are not allowed to compete in women’s sports.

But that state’s Attorney General Letitia James is saying Nassau County can’t do this – and has sent a cease-and-desist letter to prevent the ban.

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‘In Clear Violation of New York State Anti-Discrimination Laws’

ABC News reports, “The New York Attorney General’s Office sent a cease-and-desist letter to Nassau County over its recent anti-transgender sports ban.

“The Order’s immediate effect is to force sports leagues to make an impossible choice: discriminate against transgender women and girls, in violation of New York law, or find somewhere else to play,’ said the letter addressed to Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman,” ABC News noted.

The story continued:

Blakeman announced an executive order on Feb. 22 that bans transgender athletes from competing in events aligning with their gender identity in county-run facilities.

The executive order states that sports leagues, organizations, teams and other entities in the Long Island county must expressly designate teams based on an athlete’s sex assigned at birth when applying for a “use and occupancy” permit at a Nassau County Parks property for a sporting competition or event on all levels.

The AG’s office argues that the order is “in clear violation of New York State anti-discrimination laws and demands that it be immediately rescinded.”

The letter argues that not only will the policy deter inclusive teams from attending events in about 100 venues in the county, but also “by requiring teams and leagues to exclude transgender women and girls as a condition of using covered facilities, it invites invasive policing of the sex and gender identity and expression of all girls and women.”

Blakeman defended the transgender sports ban on social media.

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Blakeman Defends Nassau County Transgender Ban

“My [executive order] stops the bullying of women and girls by transgender males who have many outlets to compete without putting the safety and security of females in danger,” Blakeman wrote. “In Nassau we will continue to fight for females’ right to be safe, secure, and have a level playing field to compete.”

Will transgender women who are in reality still biological men be able to continue to compete – and usually dominate – women’s sports?

They will if New York’s attorney general has anything to say about it.