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Heisman Trophy-winning USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams is throwing some cold water on the whole pink nail/lip gloss controversy.

Readers of Bounding Into Sports are already well aware of the social media buzz generated by Williams’ look. Video appears to show him wearing a wild pink getup while watching the USC women’s basketball game against Kansas earlier this week.

The video showed the likely #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft rocking out to the music. A look replete with pink lipstick, pink lip gloss, and a bright pink phone case. Or so we thought.

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Caleb Williams’ Fingernails

Granted we’d rather be talking about X’s and O’s, or about Caleb Williams’ draft stock, or discussing his Heisman Trophy-winning season.

Instead, we have to analyze the dude’s fingernails. Ya gotta love America, circa 2024.

USC director of player relations Gavin Morris posted a video on X in which he asked Caleb Williams to show viewers his wallet and fingernails. It was honestly a pretty funny response.

“The wallet’s white, the phone is pink, the case is clear,” Williams says.

“What the fingernails look like?” Morris asks.

“Nails are clear,” Caleb Williams replies, showing off the fingernails. “Lips are pink. Your girl love ’em.”

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Everybody Was Wrong?

Hey, look, if we were wrong about this one, we were wrong. This ain’t Deadspin. Was it the reflection in the phone’s color that made Caleb Williams’ fingernails look pink?

Who knows?

When the video first popped up we wrote of the likely future Chicago Bear’s appearance: “Who doesn’t love seeing people having a great time?”

Williams is always seemingly having a great time.

And come on, his “your girl love ’em” response is pretty funny.

While Robert Griffin III argued that Bears fans should paint their fingernails pink like Caleb Williams should he become their franchise quarterback, we’re thinking merch featuring that phrase will work 1,000 times better.

Let’s hope this issue has finally been put to rest.

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