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Robert Griffin III defended Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Caleb Williams and his wild pink getup while watching the USC women’s basketball game against Kansas on Monday night.

As Bounding Into Sports wrote, Williams was shown in the crowd rocking out to the music. All while sporting pink for his signature painted fingernails. Not to mention the pink lipstick and a bright pink phone case.

As we noted, the look set social media aflame, thus the interest. But our reaction was rather muted. Who the hell cares really? A significant aspect of the look is almost certainly to draw attention. And it works.

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Leave Caleb Williams Alone

Anyway, do you know who really, really cared? Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III cared.

The Monday Night Countdown analyst demanded fans shut up about Caleb Williams’ fingernails and lip gloss. He then suggested that if Chicago drafts him number one overall, Bears fans should dress up just like their new franchise QB.

“Let Caleb Williams be Caleb Williams,” he writes on X. “Ain’t nothing wrong with him wearing pink fingernail polish and having a pink phone case.”

“Quite frankly, if he goes to Chicago then Bears’ fans should be rocking whatever he is. Stop the hate and accept him for who he is.”

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RGIII With The Bad Take

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but RGIII’s passionate defense of Caleb Williams reminded me of something. Hmm … maybe it will come to me later.

In the meantime, can’t you just picture a sea of Chicago Bears fans decked out in pink fingernails, texting game updates with their bright pink phone cases? That’ll most assuredly take the sting away from another thumping by the Packers, as they walk home through the streets of Jussie Smolett’s MAGA country.

Oh, wait! Now I remember what RGIII’s plea to let Caleb be Caleb reminds me of …

Caleb Williams is indeed the first selection in most 2024 NFL Mock Drafts by the Chicago Bears. It’s anybody’s guess what he’ll be wearing on the draft stage next to Roger Goodell.

Griffin, meanwhile, is rumored to be on the chopping block for what the New York Post describes as a “Monday Night Football makeover.”

Perhaps when he’s done with that makeover, RGIII can go get the Caleb Williams full spa treatment to ease his sorrows.

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