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Former NFL QB Robert Griffin III wasted no time in politicizing the shooting at the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl victory parade on Wednesday. One person was killed in the shooting while 22 others were injured, including 11 children.

Griffin argued for stricter gun control laws within hours of the tragedy in a post on the X social media platform.

Rest assured, however, even though the former Washington Redskins signal-caller was urging politicians to restrict Second Amendment rights in America, he promises the argument isn’t a political matter.

“Put the politics aside, work TOGETHER, and pass laws to ensure we are no longer known as the land of mass shootings,” Griffin wrote.

Robert Griffin III Calls For Gun Control After Super Bowl Parade Shooting

While Robert Griffin III likely thought trying to capitalize emotionally on a tragedy would score him points with followers, the exact opposite happened.

The responses were overwhelmingly mocking of the post.

“If it isn’t a political issue, then why are you suggesting a political solution?” asked Passion Fruit Ministries founder Clint Micheau.

“Because criminals listen to laws… Oh wait,” replied Larry Rhodes, owner of Black and White Sports.

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Others pointed out that murder is already illegal.

“Enforcing the gun laws that we have now would greatly deter gun violence,” another follower interjected. “Passing more laws will only restrict the protection of law-abiding citizens even more against criminals who don’t fear weak persecutors.”

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Isn’t it odd how media and sports personalities get wildly dramatic when they know they can seize an opportunity with a public shooting to restrict gun rights in America?

And that’s exactly what they do – they look at the deaths and injuries, particularly of children, lick their lips, and say, ‘Now I can score some political points.’

Gun control laws are meant to restrict the rights of the law-abiding. They don’t stop criminals. Period, end of story.

Three suspects have been detained in the Super Bowl parade shooting and an investigation is ongoing. The motive for the shooting remains unclear. But I defy Robert Griffin III to name a law that would have prevented these criminals from carrying out yesterday’s attack.

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