Find out how Molson Brewing is honoring women in hockey this International Women's Day. Discover their unique sponsorship initiative for female players.
Press Release Image: CNW Group/Molson

Molson Brewing has found a unique way to help celebrate women this International Women’s Day. Particularly female hockey players.

Molson, the official brewing company of the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL), is going to sponsor the space on player’s jerseys just below their neck.

Why is that significant? Because a lot of women players have their last name covered up by their long hair.

“To bring more visibility and recognition to PWHL players, Molson, the official beer of hockey, will be sponsoring the space above PWHL jersey numbers, usually covered by the players’ hair, this International Women’s Day,” they announced in a press release.

“By shifting the player’s name below their number, Molson is covering its name so hers can be seen.”

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Molson Does It Right On International Women’s Day

While it might seem like a relatively mundane gesture, it’s a pretty positive one for International Women’s Day. Molson is doing it right.

They didn’t hide behind concerns that they might offend short-haired women, for example. Or long-haired men. Or short-haired women identifying as long-haired men.

And TikTok user OffNicheNorm pointed out the contrasting styles between Molson’s marketing effort and that of, say, Bud Light.

@offnichenorm Well done to #Molson for an excellent campaign in support of the #PWHL and International Womens Day. #marketing #win #molsoncoors #molsoncanadian🇨🇦👌 #greenscreen #budlight ♬ original sound – OffNicheNorm

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Bud Light Still Suffering

Bud Light sales went into freefall following their controversial Dylan Mulvaney advertising campaign last year.

Mulvaney, a transgender TikTok sensation, showed off Bud Light promotional cans featuring the star in a pair of videos. The videos received significant pushback from the public.

At least it didn’t affect their bottom line. Just kidding. The latest reports indicate Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company, lost a staggering $1.4 billion in sales last year.

Molson may have stumbled upon something here simply by using common sense.

Beer drinkers love hockey. Beer drinkers love women. Men love women. Hockey fans love women. Everybody loves women. Therefore, everybody is a winner with this promotion. Not just a relatively minuscule group that Bud Light was trying to pander to. Hopefully, for that beer company, lesson learned.

Molson’s sponsorship of the PWHL is not a one-off either. The jersey promotion “will kick off a multi-year partnership between Molson and the PWHL, showing the brand’s clear commitment to the league and elevating its players.”

You’re not going to hear this often from an American hockey fan but – Well done, Canada.

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