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Yet another story has surfaced of UFC President Dana White defending free speech. This one involves an incident from 2022 involving commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan, an astronomically popular podcaster, landed in a bit of hot water when a video surfaced of him using the “n-word” in past show episodes.

Despite the compilation video lacking some level of context – Rogan has been a comedian for quite some time and most are afforded comedic license when it comes to saying offensive things – the breadth of his use of the reprehensible slur led to an apology.

Rogan said the video was the “most regretful and shameful thing” he’s ever had to talk about, adding, “I clearly have fucked up.”

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Dana White Tells The Story

In a conversation with podcaster Lex Fridman, Dana White confirmed that he was willing to resign in order to save Rogan’s job as a commentator.

“I remember there was a moment not too long ago, maybe a year ago and I was sitting with Joe and he was in a phone call with you,” Fridman said. “And Joe was getting canceled for something and they didn’t want him commentating the fights and you on the phone offered your resignation over this.”

“Anybody who is with me, has been with me, knows,” White confirmed. “When you’re with me, you’re with me. It’s a two-way street. It’s not a one-way street. I’m not one of these guys that is gonna roll over.”

Dana went on to explain that he didn’t fire people during turbulent economic times surrounding the pandemic.

“This motherfucker will burn, burn before I would do that to my people,” he insists.

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Free Speech Advocate

Dana White went on to say he has that same loyalty to Joe Rogan.

“I can’t say what’s gonna happen when I leave, but when I’m here, the people who are with me and have been with me they know exactly what’s up, and Joe knows what’s up,” he said. “It’s a two-way street. Joe Rogan has been very loyal to me, and I am very loyal to Joe Rogan.”

White’s stance is a powerful one. Especially since the legacy media was piling on Rogan for the video and for his skepticism toward the prevailing COVID narrative at the time.

White has consistently defended UFC fighters’ right to free speech, noting recently he treats conservative fighter Colby Covington and Black Lives Matter supporter Tyron Woodley with the same respect.

White also defended Sean Strickland’s right to free speech.

Even as the controversial fighter was getting heat for his response to a Canadian reporter who tried to get him to apologize for his personal beliefs regarding how he would feel if he had a gay son.

When Dana White says something, he means it.

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