Jennifer Sey, an ex-gymnast and former Levi's brand president, is launching a new athletic clothing line called XX-XY Athletics.
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Jennifer Sey, an elite ex-gymnast and former Levi’s brand president, is launching a new athletic clothing line called XX-XY Athletics.

The brand’s mission is to protect women’s sports and promote female athletes.

Sey has been named twice to Forbes’ Most Influential CMO list.

“Throughout my life I’ve risked my reputation, job and social standing to stand up for children, women and free speech,” she said in a statement. “XX-XY Athletics is the culmination of everything I’ve ever done in my life.”

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Jennifer Sey Launches XX-XY Athletics

Sey is a seven-time member of the United States women’s national artistic gymnastics team and was the 1986 U.S. Women’s All-Around National Champion. She was also a member of the 1985 U.S. Women’s World Championship team that finished 6th.

As a businesswoman, she also has significant credibility when it comes to women’s sports.

In an interview on the The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show Sey argued that the idea of men competing in women’s sports is itself misogynistic.

“To my mind, [the idea that men can be women] is such a sexist, misogynistic position. Five years ago, I certainly wouldn’t have thought this is the position that the Left would have taken,” she explained. “Two years ago, I wouldn’t have thought that this is the vision the Left would have taken.”

And yet, here we are.

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Riley Gaines, Paula Scanlan Join The Effort

The clothing brand name alone is sure to trigger the pro-male extremists. Naming it after chromosomes that determine sex. Brilliant!

XX-XY Athletics offers casual cotton basics, as well as performance fabrics for women and men. The other 151 genders might have to shop elsewhere.

The brand is unafraid to speak the truth and defend women’s spaces and fair competition in sports.

Sey has recruited former University of Kentucky NCAA swimming champion Riley Gaines and University of Pennsylvania swimmer Paula Scanlan to join the effort. Both are strong advocates for women’s and girl’s sports.

“They’re telling women to sit down, be quiet and make way for the feelings, wants and desires of biological males. Well, I’m not doing it,” Sey insists.

“I’m not afraid of the names that you will call me and neither is Riley. And neither is Paula. Once you’ve been through it, you don’t care anymore. Call me what you want.”

We call them women. Strong women. And we don’t need to be a biologist to say that.

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