After the fourth Cup race of the season happened in Phoenix last weekend, a frustrated Bubba Wallace called it "f***in' hard."

After the fourth Cup race of the season happened in Phoenix last weekend, a frustrated Bubba Wallace called things “f***in’ hard.”

It seems new adjustments were made that were supposed to help the drivers but had the opposite effect on Wallace.

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Bubba Wallace: ‘F***in Hard’

Essentially Sports reports, “NASCAR’s biannual modifications to its short-track package saw the light of day on the one-mile track. The new aero rules were designed to ease things a bit for drivers. However, some of them, including Bubba Wallace, argued that the result differed.

“Since introducing the seventh-generation car, NASCAR has strived to improve things for both racers and fans,” ES noted. “Recently, the addition of a simplified diffuser and a four-inch spoiler tweaked the package. The racing series intended to produce a better show for fans, and more importantly, increase passing. But Bubba Wallace seems to differ.”

The story continued:

NASCAR tinkered with the short-track package last year, putting it to the test in December. Six teams were invited to try out a range of potential changes to the set-up. The ultimate goal was to make the car handling smoother in traffic. Eventually, racers would have more opportunities to pass rather than fumbling for moves at every turn.

Yet Bubba Wallace did fumble and found it incredibly difficult to pass his fellow racers on the Avondale-based track last Sunday. His emotions bubbled over in a mid-race frustration. Wallace simmered over the radio: “Just so we’re aware, it’s really, really, really, really f**king hard to pass at this place.”

Post-race the stream of his complaints did not stop. Wallace made sure to put out the message to his team. “Whatever the hardest thing y’all done in life… It ain’t got s**t on trying to pass here in Phoenix,” he said.

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Short Track Frustration

ES added, “Wallace faced a three-car wreck with 92 laps to go in the race. When he was attempting to go four-wide and make a possible pass, Chase Briscoe nudged him. That sent Wallace ramming into Erik Jones, who slammed against the wall.”

Bubba’s spotter, Freddie Kraft, defended the No. 23 car’s move, saying, “Is there is there a rule against making it for a while?”

No, I mean, it’s hard to pass at Phoenix. You make your own luck,” he argued. “If there was a rule against making a four wide let me know because I was four wide.”

Bubba Wallace is obviously no fan of the short track changes but hopefully he’ll maintain his streak of good finishes as the season continues.