Get the inside scoop on Katherine Taylor, the Warriors fan who gained fame for her enthusiastic cheering and viral photo.
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Doubling your pay rate isn’t an easy task in this economy. But pay rates for the services of one Katherine Taylor are starting to balloon.

Taylor is a Golden State Warriors fan. At least she was for one night. But not just any Warriors fan. She went viral recently after being captured in the background of a photo of Steph Curry celebrating on the court during an NBA game.

The image went spread like wildfire for a couple of reasons – Taylor’s enthusiastic cheering and her *ahem* unexpectedly revealing outfit. At least by normal basketball game measures.

Best. Photobomb. Ever.

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Katherine Taylor, Warriors Fan, Increases Her Rates

I’m not sure what part of the image is the funniest – Taylor’s celebration or the dude in the front row enamored with her while two young boys are sitting beside him, one looking at Dad’s reaction.

Taylor has since capitalized on the viral image. Not just for being a super-popular basketball fan either. It’s become a boon to her career.

“Plot twist! Rate increases,” she wrote on the X social media platform.

What rates are those you might ask? Legal fees as an attorney? No. Consulting fees? Negative.

Katherine is what TMZ describes as a “luxury girlfriend”, and she is wisely leaning into her newfound popularity by raising the price of her services. In fact, those rates have swelled to almost twice what she was charging before being spotted behind Curry.

From $900 to $1,500 per hour. Get it, girl!

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You Do What You Have To Do

Hey, can you really fault Katherine Taylor for taking advantage of her viral fame? You do what you have to do to survive in the Biden economy, am I right?

Obviously, $1,500 in today’s day and age will get you at least half a tank of gas and a bag of groceries.

Taylor also hinted that she’d be firing up an OnlyFans page soon due to the increase in demand.

“Shit I wasn’t born yesterday,” she wrote on X. “You give me a media storm, imma ride it.”

And ride it she is. At $1,500 a pop.

In a league where scoring is at a premium, Taylor is charging quite a premium for the scoring. And I say, “God bless.”

Perhaps the best response to the crazy popularity was from the Steph Curry femme fatale herself. When confronted by a critic on X who described her as a “whore,” Taylor immediately corrected them.

“I am not famous for being a whore,” she fired back. “I am famous for some tits on TV that just happen to be in the background of a basketball player.”

Shakespeare could not have written words more elegantly. Cheers to you, Katherine!

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