North Carolina legalizes sports betting. Governor Roy Cooper's video shows his enthusiasm for the industry and his love for the Carolina Hurricanes.
Screenshots: Governor Roy Cooper

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper posted a video celebrating news that his state has now legalized sports betting.

In a ridiculously overdramatized video, Cooper hops in his SUV and has his driver bring him to PNC Arena, home of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes.

As he slowly makes his way onto center ice, a spotlight shines from above.

“Sports betting is now legal in North Carolina,” he beams. “And I’m taking the Canes to win the Stanley Cup.”

The PSA reminds North Carolinians to “bet responsibly.”

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Will Sports Betting Be Good For North Carolina?

Of course Roy Cooper is excited. Most politicians love a quick revenue generator and gambling certainly is that. And since the House always wins, there isn’t a lot of risk involved.

Unless you think of the actual gamblers. The people who will most assuredly lose money now that sports betting has been legalized in North Carolina.

Critics of Cooper’s video pointed out this fact, and tore into the governor.

“Fucking gross to see this promoted,” political provocateur Mike Cernovich wrote.

Historian Miles Smith IV harshly responded that North Carolina had now become a “state that preys on poverty.”

Podcast host Joseph Backholm argued that the gambling lobby and politicians win with it’s legalization while the poor and middle class lose.

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Here’s The Problem

There is little doubt that sports and online betting are very popular with people. A report earlier this year by the American Gaming Association (AGA) indicates a whopping $10.9 billion was generated in revenue this past year.

But there is a downside for individuals.

Sports betting can be harmful because it can lead to gambling addiction, financial problems, and strained relationships. Studies have shown that easy access to betting platforms and the increasing popularity of in-game betting can exacerbate these issues.

Bounding Into Sports reported in January that experts were warning that thousands upon thousands of gamblers, largely consisting of young men, are now gambling at rates previously unseen.

Oh, and as for the economic benefits for the state? BIS writer Derek Ellerman revealed that sports betting actually negatively impacted the economy of the state of New Jersey.

$2.4 billion had been spent on gambling, but that resulted in a $180 million decrease in economic activity. Not exactly the boon lawmakers always promise.

Governor Cooper might one day down the line have to explain that to the people of North Carolina. Not to mention the explaining he’ll have to do now that he’s cursed the Hurricanes.

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