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Former college swimmer Riley Gaines left the popular podcast host Joe Rogan speechless this week when she revealed what the NCAA put her through just to accommodate transgender athletes.

Gaines Sounds Off

Gaines opened up about competing in the 2022 NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming and Diving Championship. There, she not only had to compete against Lia Thomas, who was born a male. She also competed against another swimmer who was transitioning from female to male.

“You’ve got a six-foot-four man in a woman’s swimsuit – with a bulge – next to a woman wearing only a speedo with nothing covering her top,” she recalled as Rogan struggled to contain himself. “Your reaction was my reaction.”

“You’re a woman, and you have a biological male who’s intact; who’s having sex with women; [and who’s] walking around naked in the locker room with women. And, if you’re uncomfortable with that, you should educate yourself,” Rogan replied sarcastically while trying to make sense of this.

“You said it,” Gaines responded, to which Rogan said, “Because of this insane cult … you have to deal with this literal mental patient in a women’s sport – dominating – and everyone’s cheering. All the women are competing with this man and the whole world’s like ‘Yay, diversity!’ And you must feel like you’re in a f***** movie or something.”

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Gaines’ Breaking Point

Gaines then revealed that her breaking point. The moment came when she tied with Thomas for fifth-place in an event. An NCAA official approached her to say that Thomas would be the one to get the trophy.

“He looked sad,” Gaines recalled. “His voice changed. I could tell he didn’t even believe what he was about to say. This official looked at me and said, ‘Riley, I am so sorry, but we have been advised as an organization that when photos are being taken, it’s crucial that the trophy is in Lea’s hands … You go home empty-handed. End of story.” 

Rogan was visibly stunned by this.

Not stopping there, Gaines explained that the reason why transgender women are so vocal is that they’re still emotionally-wired as men. 

“The same assertive, dominant men – who have always and will always be men – are the same men claiming to be women, demanding the language that we use,” she said. “And the same apologetic, emotionally-driven, empathetic women – who have been and will always be women – when they enter into a man’s space, they’re not demanding anything because they’re the same women they always have been. It shows the differences that we possess within our characteristics almost innately.” 

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Rogan Agrees

Rogan could not help but agree with her.

“This is the problem that a lot of feminists are having, where these biological males [who call] themselves women [enter] into these women’s spaces and then [start] dominating the way men dominate and behaving the way men behave,” he said. “It’s unfortunate [that] a lot of it is supported by these older, liberal women, which is really strange …it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s a tribal thing; it’s a cult thing.” 

Check out this full interview in the video below.

What’s happening in women’s sports right now is a travesty and a complete disservice to biological women everywhere. I applaud Gaines for continuing to fight against this phenomenon with everything she has!