Things To Do In Albany
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Albany. The 518. Capital of the Empire State.

Upstate New York was all a-flutter on Monday when former UCONN and WNBA star turned ESPN basketball analyst Rebecca Lobo flat-out dissed Albany, host city for the NCAA women’s basketball Sweet 16.

The MVP Arena, which attracts some of the biggest stars in sports and entertainment rather consistently, saw two contests to determine one-half of the women’s Final Four.

South Carolina defeated Oregon State 70-58, while in a rematch of last year’s National Championship game, Iowa exorcised its demons by whacking LSU 94-87.

Lobo though, was unimpressed with the setting.

Toward the end of the latter game, play-by-play announcer Ryan Ruocco told a story about Iowa star Caitlin Clark telling her family that while she focuses on the game they should, “Just go find something to do in Albany.”

Lobo snickered and said, “And, by the way, good luck finding something to do in Albany.”

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It should be noted that Clark’s family is from Des Moines, Iowa. Now, they probably won’t find nearly as much corn in Albany, but we still reckon they might find something to do.

Here Are Some Things To See In Albany, Rebecca Lobo

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan challenged Lobo to “take a ride” with her before leaving, so she can show her the many things Albany has to offer.

As your intrepid journalists here at Bounding Into Sports, we set out to find what types of things there are to see and do in Albany. Here’s what we discovered.

Palace Theater & The Egg

The Palace Theater and The Egg are two well-known landmarks in Albany, the former for being a historic entertainment venue dating back to the 1930s, the latter for its performing arts and cultural events, not to mention the unique architecture – it is shaped like half an egg resting on a pedestal.

The Palace is hosting big names in entertainment in the coming weeks. Some of those names include comedian Kevin James, country music legend Bonnie Raitt, and Grammy award-winning rapper Nas.

The Egg hosts events with artists typically for a slightly more seasoned generation. It was the subject of a song by They Might Be Giants titled “Albany.”

The acoustics in their theater are among the best this author has personally ever seen. A Ben Folds concert there years ago left us blown away by the sound one man, one piano, and one theater could produce.

New York State Museum

A personal favorite for the family, the New York State Museum in Albany is a treasure trove of knowledge. It’s a place where science, history, anthropology, and art converge, offering a rich tapestry of exhibits and collections.

From the fascinating exploration of the Adirondack Wilderness to the vibrant history of Harlem in the 1920s, the museum promises a captivating journey through time.

The fourth floor features a functioning carousel built in the early 1900s. Guests are allowed to ride it free of charge. It makes the cheaply made carousels of today look pathetic by comparison.

The museum also has a freaking mastodon skeleton for crying out loud. How awesome is that?

The New York State Museum in Albany also offers a sobering exhibit regarding 9/11 and the World Trade Center. It details the history of the WTC and the September 11th attacks. It also highlights rescue efforts and the public response to the tragedy.

The best part though? Admission is free, making it a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

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The USS Slater

The USS Slater (DE-766) is a Cannon-class destroyer escort that served in the United States Navy. It is currently the only one of its kind afloat in the United States, moored on the Hudson River in Albany, New York.

The USS Slater was decommissioned in 1991. It has undergone extensive restoration to return it to its World War II configuration.

From the ship’s website:

During World War II, 563 Destroyer Escorts battled Nazi U-boats on the Atlantic protecting convoys of men and material. In the Pacific they stood in line to defend naval task forces from Japanese submarines and Kamikaze air attacks. Today, only one of these ships remains afloat in the United States, the USS SLATER.

– USS Slater

The ship can be seen in The Guns of Navarone. The film was a 1961 Golden Globe winner for Best Motion Picture for a Drama.

It now serves as an educational platform and museum to teach visitors about the contributions of destroyer escorts during the war.

If you stop in and visit, say hi to our good friend Dennis who will no doubt love to give you a tour from bow to stern.

Image courtesy of the author.

Lobo Backtracks

To her credit, Rebecca Lobo apologized and said she meant no disrespect towards Albany.

“I’ve spent many fun-filled weekends in the Albany area over the years coaching my kids’ AAU teams,” she writes on X. “No shade intended towards the capital city and the outstanding job they did hosting the regional.”

She didn’t exactly clarify that there are, in fact, things to do in Albany. But we’re certain that will change after seeing this list.

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