Rachel Stuhlmann
Screenshot: Rachel Stuhlmann Instagram

Rachel Stuhlmann is undeniably a stunning woman, with her captivating presence and striking features making her a standout in the world of tennis and beyond.

She’s even dipped her toes into the ‘pickleball influencer‘ waters of late.

Her undeniable beauty and allure have earned her recognition as one of the most attractive figures in the sport, and her magnetic charm continues to captivate fans and followers alike.

Here are the top 10 times the tennis maven has encouraged you to work on your groundstrokes.

America The Beautiful

Stuhlmann celebrated this past Independence Day by posting an image for her fans from the tennis court. While donning a traditional tennis-themed white skirt, the star opted to show off a little more above the fruited plain.

“Smashing serves and celebrating the stars and stripes!” she captions the image.

Rachel, you look smashing every day of the year.

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Come With Me To Miami

Rachel Stuhlmann invited fans to enter a contest where they could join her in attending a tennis tournament in Miami. To entice more entries, she posted the following image.

It was captioned with: “WHO WANTS TO COME WITH ME TO THE MIAMI OPEN?!”

Um, who doesn’t?! Hopefully she does one of these contests each year.

Rushing The Net

Our favorite tennis influencer described 2022 as the “most exciting” of her life. At the time, she was traveling from Paris and about ready to hit the All-American Tennis Cup.

She told hosts in the interview that she was “so excited” about the upcoming tournament and “can’t stop thinking about it.”

To prove it, she shared this stunning image at the net. That’s what we in the tennis business call a “let.”

As in, we’d let her do just about anything she wanted.

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Picking Sides In The Super Bowl

Rachel Stuhlmann came out as an NFL fan in the hours before this year’s Super Bowl. More specifically, she showed the world she was cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs.

If only she had showed up to the game looking this good.

Fans would have been saying, ‘Taylor who?’

Rachel Stuhlmann X

Brace Yourself

How much of a smokeshow is Rachel Stuhlmann? Well, as on example, she even looks fantastic in a neck brace.

As Bounding Into Sports readers know, our favorite queen in the ‘sport of kings’ was involved in a serious car accident that involved surgery last year.

Stuhlmann underwent anterior cervical disc replacement surgery and took a brief hiatus from social media to focus on her rehabilitation.

Not wanting her fans to go too long without a proper dose, Rachel posted this image as she recovered. Some of you are going to look at this picture and say, ‘What neck brace?’

Tribute To Ana Ivanović

This past Halloween, Stuhlmann greeted fans with a photoshoot recreating a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition featuring Ana Ivanović.

Ivanović was a former world No. 1 women’s tennis player in 2008 and captured the French Open that year. Thankfully for Stuhlmann fans, she was featured in the 2010 swimsuit edition.

It was a shoot so hot that Rachel just had to replicate it. We’re glad she did!

Rachel Stuhlmann Exhibition Match – At The Beach

Apparently, our gorgeous tennis influencer took a break from the gorgeous sands of Virginia Beach to get in some backhand work.

I’m no fashion expert and have no idea what you call the material in this outfit.

But damn, she makes it look fine. Game, set, match!

Maxim At The US Open

Maxim magazine shared some images from their meeting with Rachel Stuhlmann at the 2022 US Open. Describing her as a “brunette bombshell”, Maxim says that Stuhlmann is an intersection of model and tennis player.

“Stuhlmann has taken her love for the sport and spun it into a career that’s propelled her to stardom on various social media platforms,” they write.

Advantage, Rachel.

Look Out, Paige

Taking a ‘paige’ out of Spiranac’s book, Stuhlmann showed her fans that she doesn’t just set fire to the tennis court. She’s a Links girl as well.

“Picked up a new hobby,” she wrote from the golf course.

On second thought, maybe Paige can give her a few tips. Especially since she’s posing with a wedge instead of a putter on the green.

Think about that for a minute. Paige Spiranac and Rachel Stuhlmann on the course together? Why hasn’t anybody made this happen yet?

Be glad to join them for a round. Would even be willing to hit from the lady’s tees.

Serving Up Looks

Anybody who’s been following our weekly lists of sports influencer babes knows that simpler can sometimes be better. Quite frankly, beauty is accentuated sometimes by the more reserved outfits.

Such is the case with Stuhlmann’s post about her new Reebok gear.

She says the outfit helps “me serve looks on and off the court.”

And who can even argue that fact? That smile. Oh, that smile.

Seeing Rachel Stuhlmann on the tennis court is a treat. Seeing her anywhere is enough to make you double fault.

No doubt our readers would love to get in a bit of a volley with her in a doubles match. Since that’s never going to happen, enjoy the images above one more time before heading out.

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