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Arianny Celeste is an all-time legendary presence for UFC. She’s already been named to the prestigious Bounding Into Sports top 10 list of hottest ring girls in the fight business.

Celeste’s career as a UFC ring girl took off in 2006, quickly establishing herself as a prominent figure in the field.

She earned the title of “Ring Girl of the Year” at the World MMA Awards for four consecutive years from 2008 to 2011. The woman who describes herself on Instagram as the “UFC Mama” would go on to win twice more.

Celeste recently decided to retire from that role and is now focusing on hosting. She explains that she “outgrew the whole ring girl thing and I became a woman – I became a mom.”

Here are the top images on her Instagram feed that prove she’s the hottest ‘UFC Mama’ in the business.

Arianny Celeste – Hottest Mama In The UFC

Where else could we possibly start with a list regarding the hottest mama in the UFC than one in which she describes herself very similarly?

Well, it’s a little spicier than our title.

Celeste posted a quick clip explaining: “When you want to skip work but you remember that you’re committed to being the hottest MILF of UFC.”

We certainly admire the dedication. And Celeste. What’s not to admire?

It’s Over

Arianny Celeste posted this video and captioned it with what translates to, “It’s over.”

The legendary ring girl notes her ‘Mom Bod’ in the hashtags on her Instagram post.

We keep watching it on a loop. And quite frankly, while she says ‘it’s over’, we keep hoping this video never ends.

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See Her Roar

Celeste sports a little leather in this Instagram photo and writes, “In a world of whispers, be a roar.”

The UFC lioness definitely has her fans purring after this shoot.

She is Arianny. Hear her roar.

Chicken Legs?

Celeste is serving up some chicken legs with a little bit of tajín, a Mexican spice consisting predominantly of lime, chili peppers, and salt.

But they’re not just any ‘chicken legs’. They’re ‘Mexican chicken legs’.

But not something you’d see in a restaurant either.

“Who wants some?” she asks. Who doesn’t?

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Wearing The Crown

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. And the queen of the ring says – it’s worth it.

And maybe it’s just heavy to those on the outside.

“The crown always looks heavy to those who don’t wear it,” Arianny declares. “Wear it anyway.”

I’ll be honest, it took a while before I even saw a crown in these photos.

Arianny, Heal Us

In this post, the ‘UFC Mama’ describes herself as the ‘healing mama’ and the ‘happy mama.’

“We heal the world when we heal ourselves, and hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark,” she writes.

These pics make her fans very happy, Mama.

How’s that song go?

“Lay your healing hands on me, on me.”

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Living Life

This photo was apparently taken in paradise. Or maybe it’s just paradise because Arianny Celeste is there. In a bikini. And showing it off to her three million followers.

“Estoy viviendo la life que quería,” she writes.

“I’m living the life I wanted.”

Photos or a video, or it didn’t happen, Arianny. Keep sharing the proof.

The Season Of Giving

Celeste posed a question to her followers – Essentially, how long do you keep your Christmas decorations up after the holiday passes?

“When is it time to put the decor away?” she asks. “I like to keep it up way past the new year!”

We have no issue keeping it up past the New Year either. Thanks in part to these pics.

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Business Casual?

Arianny seems a bit confused about the dress code for this photo shoot.

“I thought u said business casual?” she writes.

Casual. Definitely casual.

That’s Gotta Be Cold!

In this post, Arianny is joined by fitness model Lauren Drain Kagan. The setting? A cabin by the lake – in the dead of winter.

The two show off their fit bodies in two-piece bikinis, hats, and a pair of boots.

In the snow.

The Instagram versus reality post is funny. But the reality is Arianny could melt all of that snow in a heartbeat.

Arianny Celeste has stunning looks and a captivating presence, highlighted by her career as a popular UFC Octagon Girl.

We’ll certainly miss seeing her in that role. We hope this list helps satiate your appetite for the ‘UFC mama’ just a little bit.

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