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Oct 31, 2023
Welcome to the thunderdome of ferocity and finesse! We’re diving into a realm where warriors are not just born, but forged through fire and determination. Yes, you guessed it right – we’re talking about the fierce and fabulous world of female fighters in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). These ladies have been breaking barriers, shattering glass ceilings, and putting on some of the most memorable bouts this sport has ever witnessed.
Oct 27, 2023
Sports arenas and movie sets may seem worlds apart, but there’s one thing they both require: an ability to perform. Some have not only commanded the attention of spectators on the field but also charmed audiences on the big screen. Here’s a look at ten athletes who tackled Hollywood with the same fervor as their athletic careers.
Sep 18, 2023
If you think the MMA octagon is solely a man’s world, it’s high time we rectified that. Let’s dive into the fierce world of female MMA fighters who’ve kicked, punched, and grappled their way into the history books. Here’s our list of ten of the greatest female MMA warriors to enter the octagon.
Sep 4, 2023
Whether you know her from her cage-fighting days or her action-packed roles in Hollywood, Gina Carano stands as a true MMA legend. If you’re looking to gain some street cred during your next MMA debate, here are ten fascinating facts about the renowned Gina Carano.
Jun 28, 2022
MMA fans are sitting on the edge of their seats after hearing fan favorite retired-fighter Gina Carano respond as to whether or not she’d ever square up against UFC Champion turned WWE star Ronda Rousey.
Jun 16, 2022
Ronda Rousey has recently said she would gladly make a return to the octagon for a chance to fight Gina Carano.