Brian Kelly via LSU Tigers on TigerBait YouTube

Leah Vann, who covers LSU baseball and football for The Advocate, snapped at head coach Brian Kelly after he chided her on her timeliness for a recent press conference.

Brian Kelly via LSU Tigers on TigerBait YouTube

Kelly opened up the press conference giving about a 3 minute statement about how excited he and the team are to take on Southern University after their loss to Florida State University this past weekend.

He then opened the press conference up to questions stating, “With that we’ll open it up to this late arriving media crowd must have enjoyed the weekend. That’s usually $10 that we put in the kitty. We’ll have a big bash at the end of the year at my place.”

Vann snapped at Kelly saying, “Maybe if you win I’ll be on time then.”

Kelly replied, “I don’t think it has anything to do with winning. I think it has to do with being on time.” He then took the first question about the easiest thing he plans to correct after looking at the game tape following the loss to Florida State.

Brian Kelly via LSU Tigers on TigerBait YouTube

Vann addressed the exchange between the two on Twitter after another user claimed he would fire her for being unprofessional. She wrote, “Press conference was at noon, I was running from a doctor’s appointment. Got there at 11:57. Brian Kelly called me out, said jokingly I owed him $10, I said if he won maybe I’d be on time.”

“Not my finest hour. I apologized afterward, he was super chill and said I still owe him $10,” she added.

Leah Vann Twitter

In a subsequent tweet she added, “I know Brian Kelly likes to joke. He clearly took it as one from our conversation afterward. All in good fun, fam.”

Leah Vann Twitter

She concluded the thread writing, “He said he needs $10 so he can afford his new jackets and I said he has $90 mil for that and he said that’s a smoke screen and I said that’s fair and I liked his new jacket and he thanked me. If y’all want all the details.”

Leah Vann Twitter

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While Vann notes the two were friendly after the verbal sparring, she’s not the only one to call out Kelly. Former Notre Dame quarterback Phil Jurkovec, who now plays for Boston College, said Kelly lied to his parents, criticized his ability to coach, as well as called his character into question.

He told, “Kelly basically lied to their faces about what he would do, how he would talk to me and explain things about the future. He basically lied to my parents, so after that, they were done with him.”

He also added, “It wasn’t as much about how they treated people — because I think they also treated people very badly, very poorly, some of the coaches there — but it was more about their lack of experience and coaching.”

Phil Jurkovec via Boston College Athletics YouTube

LSU is heavily favored to defeat Southern University with oddsmakers having LSU as a 47.5 point favorite. The over under line for the entire game is 58 points.

The LSU Tigers are -50000 favorites. Southern University is +2500 as the underdog. That means you would only win $.02 for every $10 you put on LSU.

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