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12x All-American swimmer Riley Gaines is continuing to stand up for the integrity of women’s sports, this time publishing an op-ed at Fox News in time for National Girls and Women in Sports Day and she doesn’t hold back from her view that men have no place competing against women.

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“Males are hurdling themselves forward in national rankings stealing scholarships, titles, and opportunities from women who have worked their whole lives for those accomplishments,” said Gaines.

An example close to home for Gaines was competing against biological male Lia Thomas (born “Will”) during the NCAA championship in 2022. Thomas, who originally competed against other men, went from being ranked 462nd nationally among men, immediately shot up in rankings when he decided to pretend to be a woman in order to compete against female swimmers. Thomas went on to win a national title a year after he decided to pretend to be a woman.

Gaines described this and the University of Pennsylvania and the NCAA nominating him for NCAA Woman of the Year as a mockery. She wrote, “As if this didn’t make enough of a mockery of women’s sports, UPenn and the NCAA went on to nominate Thomas for NCAA Woman of the Year, the most prestigious award for collegiate female athletes.”

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Gaines, who has been outspoken on this topic for more than a year now, having become one of the few female athletes brave enough to speak out against the LGBTQ+ attempt to erase biological sex from sports entirely, stressed that the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports has consequences outside of just the games themselves.

“These are life-long skills that present unique advantages contributing greatly to success within careers and relationships,” Gaines continued. “Ernst and Young found that 94% of women holding senior leadership positions (CEO, CFO, etc.) within a company were involved in sports demonstrating that this participation can propel them to success unrelated to athletics.”

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Sadly, Gaines had to point out that to state facts such as these and to defend a woman’s right to compete against other women in women’s sports comes with a social consequence.

She wrote, “Girls are reluctant to use their voices due to fear of retaliation. They are told they will never get a job or into a graduate program if they speak out. They are told their school has already made their stances for them.”

“They are emotionally blackmailed into thinking they are wrong for being uncomfortable undressing in front of a naked man,” she continued. “In this instance, the concerned female athletes are the ones referred to counseling at the LGBTQ+ education center on campus so they can learn of the oppression these trans-athletes face.”

Riley Gaines via Huckabee on TBN YouTube

Gaines closed her arguments stating that women’s sports will only be defended when people decide to finally take a firm stand against this attempt to diminish the work of real women and their accomplishments.

“We should not give up the awards we have earned simply to validate the feelings and identity of a male. There is no equity, sportsmanship, fairness, or opportunities for women to succeed at an elite level without sex-based categories.”

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