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In a recent incident at a YMCA in Illinois, a sixteen-year-old girl on the swim team voiced concerns about a transgender male using the same locker room as the other women. However, instead of understanding her obvious concerns, things took a ridiculous turn when the coach instead decided to chastise the girl.

Abbigail Wheeler via GMastersonCPA Twitter

The young swimmer in this situation is Abbigail Wheeler, who approached adult coach Alex Totura to address her discomfort with the male pretending to be a female in the ladies’ room. Instead of immediately stopping this male from continuing to change with the women, he allegedly said it was out of his hands and there was nothing he could do.

After parents of the swimmers began to learn of the situation, they escalated the issue to the YMCA’s Chief Executive Officer, requesting that the YMCA change their policy regarding “transgender” people and request that they use single person restrooms instead.

While the parents attempted to reach a solution with the staff, Wheeler and some of the girls on the swim team began to hang signs up in the locker room reading “Women’s Rights,” “Biological Women Only,” and “Safe Sport.” Want to know how that went?

Well, Coach Totura went full on woke and accused Abbigail Wheeler of engaging in “hate speech” according to a Fox News report.

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To take things a step further, Wheeler was kicked off the swim team and allegedly told by Totura that she “was not allowed to participate with the swim team and was asked to leave the pool area” right before practice was about to begin.

The YMCA jumped in after news broke out about what happened to Wheeler and escalated things further by accusing her of lying, claiming that Totura didn’t remove her from the team.

“The statement that the swimmer was removed from the Y and prevented from participating on the team is false,” a YMCA spokesperson said. “She left the swim team and the YMCA on her own.”

Abbigail Wheeler (Left) via Foxnews.com

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This isn’t the first time that the YMCA has been hit with incidents regarding men attempting to change in women’s locker rooms, either. Last year, an 80-year-old woman ended up getting outright banned from her local YMCA for mentioning concerns about a man changing in the women’s locker room.

This past January, another teenage girl was called a “bigot” by YMCA staff for complaining about another naked male in the women’s locker room.

Seeing a trend here? Women’s sports activist Paula Scanlan tweeted her support for Wheeler as the story became viral.

“I got my start swimming at our local YMCA,” said Scanlan. “When I first qualified for YMCA Nationals in 2013 it was the proudest accomplishment of my life (at that point in time). That was the first time I realized swimming D1 Would be possible if I kept working hard. To deny even one young girl of that opportunity is unacceptable. All girls, especially minors, deserve fairness, safety and respect.

“There are so many young girls affected by males invading their spaces, but this one hits close to home. As a former YMCA swimmer, I am mortified to hear about the unacceptable behavior of the Springfield YMCA.”


Source: PaulaYScanlon Twitter

Scanlan also attended a recent rally in Springfield, Illinois featuring women’s sports activist Riley Gaines as well as the Illinois Freedom Caucus, where Wheeler’s situation was mentioned and the teen girl was praised for speaking out against this utter insanity.

“What we are seeing here is a result of the radical left’s agenda to put young girls in harm’s way for the sake of catering to confused biological men who think they are women. In this case, a Springfield YMCA would try to silence and gaslight a high school girl, Abbigail Wheeler, for speaking up against men exposing themselves and watching her fellow teammates change in their locker room. Where are her rights? Where are her feminist activists at?” one of the Freedom Caucus legislators stated.

Don’t expect the YMCA to change their tune on this anytime soon though. They dodged a legal bullet recently when a man at a YMCA in Ohio pretending to be a woman was found not guilty of exposing his genitals to girls in the women’s locker room because the judge found he was “too fat” for his genitals to be visible enough to be exposed.

We live in an utter Clown World.

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