Brittany Mahomes Fires Back At Her Critics: “I Don’t Give Two S**ts About People’s Opinion Of Me”

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Brittany Mahomes has frequently been the target of public criticism. Despite being married to a two-time Super Bowl MVP and (generally) one of the more popular players in the NFL, she isn’t well-liked among football fans. If we’re being completely honest here, there don’t seem to be too many in Chiefs Nation that care for her much, either.

Brittany Mahomes Take a Couples Quiz | GQ Sports

The wife of Patrick Mahomes has become a pretty high-profile figure herself, seemingly always by the side of her All-Pro hubby. That’s led to her being the target of many direct attacks from opposing fans who root against Patrick. She also has received criticism from some KC fans who feel like she makes herself the center of attention too often. Or more accurately, that she rides her famous spouse’s coattails a little too much.

Always engaging with the fans and the haters, Brittany Mahomes was asked in an Instagram Q&A last week about whether the critics affect her when they “continue to talk about you.”

“It used to, yes, but not anymore,” she responded, via the New York Post. “I could give two s***s about people’s opinion of me that don’t even know me.”

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Brittany Mahomes got a lot of heat for her over-the-top celebration after a Chiefs overtime win against the Bills in 2022. It was a cold day at Arrowhead, and some of those in attendance were none too pleased to be getting doused involuntarily.

That hasn’t been Brittany’s only faux pas when it comes to the football followers out there in the NFL mega-verse. And as shown once again, she hasn’t done much else to endear herself to any potential critics. The above Instagram reply is a very clear indicator of that.

Brittany & Patrick Mahomes | Bleacher Report – YouTube

For Patrick Mahomes, this must all seem like a bad dream. Not only is his younger brother, Jackson, facing serious criminal charges, but his wife is generally disliked by the public at large. So, we’ll see if all of that, along with the weight of holding two Lombardi Trophies already, is enough to slow him down.

We’ll find out when the Chiefs kick off the season by hosting the Bears on September 7th at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City is coming off a 14-3 season that (of course) culminated with a Super Bowl victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-35.

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