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Rapper Saweetie stole the show from Jake Paul and Nate Diaz when she appeared during the walk out for Amanda Serrano’s fight against Heather Hardy during Saturday’s Ready 4 War undercard. And Saweetie got another huge name involved, having seemingly hit Conor McGregor with Cupid’s arrow judging by the fighter’s inappropriate attempts at flirting with the rapper in since-deleted tweets.

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During the PPV event, McGregor must have been bored since instead of commenting on the match, he instead decided to start tweeting about other things on his mind.

“F*** this, sweetie what’s up,” he posted to his verified account.

“What’s up sweetie,” he posted later.

“See this right hand sweetie, it’s all I’d need,” he posted this time with a photo of the two of them. “Left hand can of @ForgedStout.” It’s hard to say whether this one was another attempt of getting her attention or just promoting Forged Stout Irish beer.

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So what’s the problem with all this? The issue is that McGregor is engaged to Dee Devlin, who is the mother of his four children and has been with him since they first met in Ireland in 2008.

Devlin is not just his soon-to-be-wife and mother of his children, but also the woman responsible for financially supporting the struggling MMA fighter at the beginning of his career, helping him become the global phenomenon and face of the UFC.

Obviously, fans of McGregor saw his flirtatious tweets as disrespectful towards the woman who was been at his side and given him so much of her life already.

“Bro be respectful to your lady,” tweeted one user who replied to one of McGregor’s since deleted posts.

“Convinced he’s in an open relationship,” replied another user. “But only on his side.”

The criticisms in the reply section of the original post continued to pour in, with many even questioning whether he had been drinking or not, causing those discussing this whole thing to start calling him “Drunk Conor.”

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McGregor is currently fighting rape accusations from a woman who filed criminal charges against him, claiming that the MMA star pulled her into the restroom at the Kaseya Center in Florida during a Miami Heat game earlier this summer. McGregor has stated that this did not happen and that he intends to fight this in court.

Professionally, he has been on a low streak, which is the opposite of what he wanted as he set this year to be his comeback year after breaking his leg in his last professional match against Dustin Poirier. On this season of The Ultimate Fighter, fans have deemed him the “Worst Coach” in TUF history after all but one of the fighters on his team lost their fights to opponent coach Michael Chandler’s fighters.

Oh, and to make things worse, that fight with Chandler might not even happen now because he failed to submit to USADA testing last year, making him currently ineligible to fight and not helping those accusations of steroid use either.

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