Paige VanZant via Fighters Hype YouTube, screenshot

It’s been a while since fan favorite contender Paige VanZant fought professionally either in the UFC or BKFC, but with the way her name still seems to trend throughout MMA forums and around the internet, its almost like she never left. That’s by design however since she switched from fighting in an octagon to taking her clothes off in front of a camera in order to create content for her OnlyFans account. Despite embracing the platform she once said was only for strippers and pornstars, VanZant seems to have become infuriated by the number of haters spamming her comments.

Paige VanZant via Fighters Hype YouTube, screenshot

On a recent post made to her Instagram account, VanZant shared another risqué photo of herself with the caption “’Damn, when will this chick stop posting thirst traps!!??’ – my comment section.”

While mocking one’s haters is not uncommon in the content creator field, blocking the ability for fans and haters alike is usually a move brings more backlash than not.

VanZant restricted comments on her post, with only fighter Kyra Batara and some store account left showing since they offered positive feedback. This limitation might be in response to the backlash from a photo she shared the previous day featuring her husband, which brought out the haters in force.


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“Imagine having kids and having to explain these pictures,” Instagram user Petesniderbjj commented.

“Remember when she used to be a fighter in great shape and promoted God and self respect,” commented another user. One common trend in the comments circled around VanZant’s feet, which some people really zoned in.

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“At least wash your feet before the shoot,” another account commented.

“Your feet are always dirty,” added another.

After exiting UFC three years ago, she briefly ventured into bare-knuckle boxing with BKFC.

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Though she teased revealing UFC secrets on Instagram’s Threads app, fans appeared more intrigued by her personal life with husband Austin Vanderford.

A year ago, VanZant announced her foray into OnlyFans, an online platform known for adult content, despite her previous harsh criticisms of it.

Source: PaigeVanZandt Instagram

She expressed the challenges of balancing her image as a sports sex symbol with potential business opportunities in an interview with MMA Fighting where she discussed her thoughts on her self-described evolution in the public eye, from entering the UFC as a teenager to leading to more risqué content now as an adult.

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