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Since Black Lives Matter and Antifa held the country hostage throughout 2020 and every woke corporation in existence bowed to their new woke leaders, the NFL has had “End racism” and “It takes all of us” spray painted in stadium end zones and stamped into the back of helmets. Thankfully, it seems like those efforts have finally ended racism, because the NFL is replacing that battle cry with “Play Football.” Is nature healing?

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Fans noted a shift in the universe during Sunday’s Chiefs-Browns preseason game, and quickly lunged to post about it on social media to spread the good news that America’s cities won’t be burned down in order to fight “systemic racism” anytime soon.

The original social justice-based policy had been put into effect going back to the “Summer of Love,” which resulted in upwards of $2 billion in damages across the country and the deaths of 25 people during the “mostly peaceful” riots. The NFL put pro-BLM messaging on everything in order to “amplify its social justice initiatives,” according to sports reporter Tom Pelissero.

Slogans were slapped on everything, “including helmet decals and signage in the end zones for kickoff games and club home openers.”

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Well, now everyone who realized how ridiculous this was is having their day in the sun.

“The NFL will no longer ‘End Racism’,” posted sports reporter PJ Green. “They will Play Football.”

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“I thought racism was down for the count, but then the NFL replaced their ‘End Racism’ end zone lettering,” posted one social media user to the X social media site formerly known as Twitter. “Unfortunately racism is back and it’s here to stay.”

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The NFL’s ratings didn’t get the big woke boost they were looking for, so perhaps that’s why we see this attempt at quietly rolling back their explicit political agenda.

Has the NFL learned their lesson about constantly trying to be at the center of every progressive controversy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and across social media.

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