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NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace has weighed in on the sticky situation Noah Gragson currently finds himself in. This comes following Gragson’s formal request to be released from his contract – just two days after he “liked” a politically incorrect meme featuring BLM martyr George Floyd.

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Gragson was originally suspended by the sport’s governing body, and then subsequently asked to step away from his team.

Obviously, the George Floyd-Black Lives Matter protests drew both strong praise and stinging criticism all at the same time. The debate over police violence vs. vigilantism was also joined by then-President Donald J. Trump, who called the protesters, “thugs.”

So, needless to say, the issue divided the nation. And despite many pro athletes dodging questions due to its clear, racial sensitivity, that didn’t stop Gragson. The 25-year-old driver went online and liked a meme regarding Floyd. That brought swift action from NASCAR, who has attempted in recent years to reach a more diverse audience.

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Noted NACAR know-it-tall Kenny Wallace stated on a recent episode of his online show that he had been asked about the incident and the suspension by several fans.

Wallace has engaged in a few barbs with Gragson in the past. So, he added a video about the topic from his YouTube channel to his Twitter feed. However, it was a bit of a twist for The Man They Call Herman. Instead of lambasting of supporting the young driver, Wallace just said that people should avoid subjects like that on a social media platform. Then, he discussed his own public battles with online trolls.

“My Opinion on the BIG, Noah Gragson penalty. I’ve been down this  @NASCAR road before.”

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Gragson also issued his own statement following his release.

The statement included a quote from the driver saying he had asked to be released so he “can take time to work through the NASCAR reinstatement process.”

“I love racing, and I am looking forward to a second chance to compete for wins at the highest level of NASCAR—and most importantly, make my family, my team and the fans proud of me once again,” he said.

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