Senator Tim Scott via Fox Business YouTube, screenshot

Senator Tim Scott Rips Men Playing In Women’s Sports At GOP Debate: “If God Made You A Man, You Play Sports Against Men”

During the Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee Tuesday night, Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina criticized ‘trans women’ (men with gender dysphoria who believe they are women) participating in women’s sports in his closing statement, which received cheers from the conservative audience in attendance.

Senator Tim Scott via Fox Business YouTube, screenshot

“If you’re able-bodied in America, you work. If you take out a loan, you pay it back. If you commit a violent crime, you got to jail. And if God made you a man, you play sports against men,” Scott said.

The issue of protecting of women and the integrity of women’s sports in general will be a priority for whoever will be the eventual nominee for the GOP. Republicans in Congress and state legislatures across the country have put forth legislation to prohibit men from sharing locker rooms and restrooms with women, as well as prohibiting men from competing in women’s sports from the K-12 to collegiate levels.

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While the “Save Women’s Sports” campaign has gained traction across the nation, endorsed by figures like Riley Gaines and Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Olympian Bruce Jenner), it has been largely opposed by President Biden and other Democrats who have folded to the agenda of extreme gender ideology.

Currently, the House of Representatives did pass the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act (which no Democrats supported), but it has been made clear that if it somehow passed through the Democrat Senate, President Biden would veto it.

“Schools, coaches, and athletic associations around the country are already working with families to develop participation rules that are fair and that take into account particular sports, grade levels, and levels of competition. As a national ban that does not account for competitiveness or grade level, H.R. 734 targets people for who they are and therefore is discriminatory,” the White House said in a statement.

President Joe Biden via White House YouTube

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Once again, the radical liberals choose to deny objective reality in order to push for child mutilation via ‘transgender surgeries’ and put women in danger by having them change in front of biological men.

It is positive to see Republican candidates other than former President Donald Trump push for the cause of protecting women, women’s sports, and objective reality as the discourse over this issue grows by the day.

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