Bryce Hall vs Gee Perez via Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship YouTube

TikTok content creator and social media star Bryce Hall’s Cinderella story has taken the internet by storm after the influencer took on professional bare knuckle fighter Gee Perez and managed to win his debut match in dramatic fashion.

Bryce Hall via Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship YouTube

At Friday night’s BKFC 48 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Hall faced off against Perez, an experienced professional fighter who boasted a record of 3-0 before entering the BKFC octagon that night against.

Going into the fight, Hall expressed his nervousness facing against Perez, who was favored to win especially since he had defeated another social media celebrity, YouTuber Austin McBroom, just two years prior.

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The event featured a variety of social media stars in attendance to support their peer, such as Jarvis and Kay Khattri, Overtflow, Kane Trujillo, and Evil Hero. Despite his pre-fight concerns, Hall knocked down Perez early.

Perez struggled with Hall’s size advantage and took a breather when Hall went for a takedown. They taunted each other through the rounds, but Hall remained calm and collected throughout while Perez seemed agitated that he was struggling to take his inexperienced opponent down sooner.

Watch the full fight below:

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While Hall promised a viral knockout in the second round that never came to be, the fight was a true performance nonetheless. Perez claimed to have suffered an injury to his elbow and didn’t come out for the third round, giving Hall his triumphant win.

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