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Gentlemen, start your engines! If you’re a fan of dirt racing (and honestly, who isn’t?) you’ve got to know about the masters of the game. These aren’t your typical asphalt pros; these men eat dirt for breakfast and leave competitors in a cloud of dust. Let’s dive into the top 10 dirt late model drivers that have turned dirt tracks into their personal playgrounds.

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Scott Bloomquist

A legend in the game, Bloomquist, with over 600 career wins, is often referred to as “Black Sunshine.” His aggressive yet strategic racing style has earned him a reputation and numerous championships. Beyond racing, Bloomquist is known for his meticulousness. He designs and creates his cars through his company, Bloomquist Race Cars, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Josh Richards

With four World of Outlaws championships, Richards, known as “Kid Rocket,” is a force to be reckoned with on dirt. From his rookie year, it was clear that Richards was going to make a massive mark on the sport. Off the track, Josh has a keen interest in aviation and has spoken about getting his pilot’s license to fly to races.

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Billy Moyer

“Mister Smooth” has graced dirt tracks since the 70s. His lengthy career is filled with accolades, and he’s been a mentor to many young racers looking to dominate the dirt. Billy Moyer Jr., Moyer’s son, has followed in his footsteps and is carving his path in the dirt racing world. It’s truly a family affair!

Don O’Neal

Don’s aggressive style on the track and his never-give-up attitude have landed him multiple titles and endeared him to fans across the country. O’Neal is quite the family man. His son Hudson has also stepped into the world of dirt racing, making the O’Neal name synonymous with the sport.

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Darrell Lanigan

Known for his consistency and a seemingly innate understanding of different tracks, Lanigan is a three-time WoO Late Model Series champion and one of the toughest competitors in the game. Darrell has an interesting superstition; he refuses to carry $50 bills on race days, believing them to bring bad luck!

Tim McCreadie

From modifieds to late models, McCreadie’s versatility is unmatched. This New York native brings an infectious enthusiasm to the sport, making him a favorite among both fans and peers. The racing gene runs in the family! Tim’s father, Bob McCreadie, is a legendary modified racer in the Northeast.

Jimmy Owens

“The Newport Nightmare” has haunted competitors for years. Owens, with his impeccable track record, has bagged numerous national titles and is one of the most respected figures in dirt late model racing. Owens started his racing career on two wheels, mastering motocross before transitioning to dirt late model racing.

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Brandon Sheppard

This young gun has already achieved what many veterans dream of. With multiple championships and an aggressive approach, Sheppard is undoubtedly the future of dirt late model racing. When he isn’t racing, Brandon loves to go fishing. It’s his way of relaxing and recharging for the next race.

Jonathan Davenport

Affectionately called “Superman” by fans, Davenport’s accolades in the 2010s have made him a household name in the world of dirt racing. His iconic “Superman” nickname was given to him by a fan due to his flying moves on the track, and it stuck!

Shane Clanton

The Georgia Bulldog, as he’s often referred to, Clanton’s dedication and raw skill have led to multiple championships, making him one of the premier dirt late model drivers of his generation. Away from the track, Clanton has a love for golf. It’s a sport that helps him focus and provides a contrast to the fast-paced world of racing.

So, there you have it, folks! These titans of the dirt track have given us edge-of-the-seat races, legendary victories, and many unforgettable moments. While the roar of their engines might be deafening, their talent speaks even louder.

Who would you include in your top ten? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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