Jake Paul (L), Joe Biden (R) via YouTube screenshots

Jake Paul, former Disney actor turned YouTuber and professional boxer, has a message for America; wake up and pay attention or all the madness you see within our politics and culture are going to get way, way worse.

Jake Paul riding on a tank coming into his fight with Nate Diaz via DAZN Boxing YouTube

While not outright pledging to support a single candidate in the 2024 election, Paul made it clear in his Instagram Stories that he he will likely support anyone other than Joe Biden next fall.

According to a recent report from Fox News:

He posted a video of himself and Vivek Ramaswamy interacting with each other, and he called the Republican candidate a “good a—American who could seriously help us.” He also wanted to meet with Democrat candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. He also said he knows people from the Trump campaign “personally.”

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If Paul’s choices tell us anything, it’s that he’s encouraging his followers to look at outsider candidates, rather than ones who have been in politics for decades.

“So I’m meeting with the potential presidential candidates …” Paul’s post said. “Mainly because I think this is the most important election in the past 100 years… we need someone great. America is falling. So I feel a responsibility to use my platform to help America and my future kids who one day will have to go to school in all this madness.

“I seem right wing but really I’m pretty neutral on all policies and want the truth to be told. I just want the games to be put to the side and I want the salesmen politics to die. People think this s— isn’t important and it so is! Your vote matters. Now I sound like a marketer and a weirdo but frfr. I’m trying to help us. I’m the peoples champ and always will be. I got y’all.”


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Paul further commented that it worries him to see America’s reputation and influence oversees continue to wain especially.

“At the end of the day other countries look at us as a joke! For real. It’s sad. So we need to be come united regardless but so much work to do and my insta story not gonna chance the game but I’m here for y’all and as the wealthiest person my age in the world (Kylie couldn’t) I hope you can entrust that I would make a good decision for president.”

Source: Jake Paul Twitter

This isn’t the first time Paul has made it clear he’s upset, like many Americans, with the Biden Administration. Last year he tweeted a list of Biden’s “accomplishments” and wrapped them up with “If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem.”

Paul lets his political views be known every now and then – like his specific hatred for obnoxious global warming activists:

Do you agree with “The Problem Child” that we need a change in the White House? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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