Tyson and Paris Fury via Still Watching Netflix YouTube, screenshot

After starring in nine episodes of At Home With The Furys, which has already been streamed into the homes of millions of people around the world, British heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury’s wife Paris fears for the safety of her children now that they’ve essentially allowed the world into their home.

Tyson and Paris Fury via Netflix YouTube, screenshot

According to the UK tabloid the Daily Record, Paris stated that she and her husband have grown increasingly concerned for the safety and well-being of their seven children, which consists of three daughters and four sons, one of which is a newborn.

“We’re taking into account at the moment that it’s made the kids famous,” said Paris Fury. “Often we have to employ bodyguards if we’re together in public.

“I frequently worry about them being kidnapped,” she added. “Do we want to go down that route, because how can you live a normal life if you have a bodyguard?”

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury via ESPN YouTube

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It’s strange that none of this appeared to be a concern to the Furys, since Tyson had already been a popular athlete for some time. However, it should have been an important conversation to have prior to signing the agreement with Netflix knowing that their children were going to be in the spotlight and elevated to a new level of attention.

“The children have got to choose their own path,” Paris said regarding how they will maneuver their level of name recognition as they get older and move in the direction their own lives take them.

“Their heritage is a Gypsy background, so it’s normal to be married and have kids young,” she continued. “But if they don’t choose that, that’s up to them. Everybody’s situation is different, but I’ve never, ever looked at having children young as a hinderance. It was something I always wanted and planned.”

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The family won’t have to worry about cameras being in every corner of their comings and goings much longer however, since it has already been announced that the series won’t be continuing past it’s first season due to “The Gypsy King” leaving retirement to box once again.

The Daily Mail reported that Tyson declined offers for two more seasons despite the streaming service’s hopes after its significant success. The champion wanted to avoid being labeled a ‘reality star’ and the 24/7 filming intensity was particularly taxing according to the family, causing Tyson to consider halting the inaugural series multiple times.

Although Netflix remains interested in collaborating with the family, especially Paris, they might face competition from other networks.

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