Aaron Rodgers' week 1 injury | SCREENSHOT: 2 Minute Intel/YouTube

What a long, strange trip it’s been for Aaron Rodgers, who looked like he would be trucking into the postseason in his first season as a New York Jet. The four-time MVP was supposed to be the perfect antidote for a franchise that hadn’t won a Super Bowl since the days of Broadway Joe. But fate dealt the cruelest of hands when the newest talk of the town went down just four plays into the 2023 season.

Aaron Rodgers, following his season-ending(?) injury | SCREENSHOT: Highlight Heaven/YouTube

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, Rodgers said he feels he has progressed far more than usual and that he believes he will be back much sooner than anyone expects.

“There’s nothing normal about how I’m attacking this rehab,” the former Packer told the host. “The common practice is about six weeks in a boot, and I was in a shoe in 13 days.

“This is just my mindset. I believe in the power of intention. I believe in prayer. I believe in your mental status and the power of will. I believe in making room for the miraculous to happen.”

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According to the NYU Langone Health Institute, the typical recovery is six to nine months, although some medical experts have said it’s possible to return in four to five. A four-month timetable would make Rodgers available for the playoffs… that is, IF the Jets can qualify. So, it’s a long shot for the venerable veteran. But he’s still holding out hope.

“I have some things working against me,” he said. “I’m 39 years old, I’m the oldest player in the league. A lot of people have a really hard time coming back from this. However, I haven’t really paid any attention to any of that stuff. I just kind of have been making my own protocols and my own timetables.”

Aaron Rodgers believes he could still play this season | SCREENSHOT: Uncle Pecos/YouTube

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Rodgers returned to cheer on his teammates just three weeks after his injury when the NYJ took on Kansas City for Sunday Night Football. Despite a close loss, he says he was encouraged by how The Squadron played against the Super Bowl champs. He also said it gave him a shot of adrenaline in his quest to make a miraculous comeback.

“To be able to walk back on the field with the little assistance, with the crutches, was pretty special,” he said. “Just to be in the locker room with the guys and talk to them Saturday night [in a meeting], and just feel the energy and the excitement, was everything I needed.”


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