Donald Trump arrives at UFC 295 | SCREENSHOT: TNT Sports/youtube

Nia Renee Hill, the wife of comedian Bill Burr, is seen on the giant big screen flipping off former President Donald Trump at UFC 295

Former President Donald Trump is a huge fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and close friends with the promotion’s president, Dana White. So it was no surprise that he attended this weekend’s UFC 295 event alongside White, musician Kid Rock, and political commentator Tucker Carlson. The former Commander-in-Chief received a mostly rousing ovation from the crowd in attendance, except for one notable spectator.

Donald Trump’s speech in Florida last week | SCREENSHOT: CNN/youtube

Nia Renee Hill, the wife of famed comedian Bill Burr, was also on hand for the event, and she was more than happy to let the world know that she didn’t approve of Donald Trump or his presence. So, she decided to give the former Prez a ‘double gun salute’ – flipping both middle fingers at him.

Hill, who frequently co-hosted Burr’s podcast with him in the past – has become a bit of a celebrity herself through her work with her husband. So she was a known face in the crowd.

Perhaps that’s why the cameras captured her and flashed her gesture on the giant screen at Madison Square Garden.

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Burr is known for his biting sarcasm, so it’s not surprising that neither he nor his wife were scared to make a statement publicly.

They have both been outspoken about all social and political issues in the past, and it’s clear she’s no fan of the 77-year-old former President.

As for the actual fighting on the card? In the night’s main event, Alex Pereira defeated Jiří Procházka by stoppage in round two to capture the formerly vacant UFC Light Heavyweight title. No word on who Donald Trump – or Nia Renee Hill, for that matter – was rooting for in the bout.


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