Jets quarterback Zach Wilson | SCREENSHOT: PackersEdits/youtube

It’s been a weird year thus far for the Jets, but the head coach says Zach Wilson is still the man to hold the reins in New York

Coach Robert Saleh probably didn’t envision this before the season started, but he’s in the middle of a bit of a quarterback controversy in New York. Of course, not between current starter Zach Wilson and the man who was supposed to have the job, Aaron Rodgers. Instead, it’s become a battle of the backups as Salleh tries to salvage his team’s season.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh | SCREENSHOT: New York Jets/youtube

Following Rodgers’ Achille injury in week 1, Saleh turned things over to Wilson, the team’s former first-round pick who had struggled to develop in his first few years in The League. And although his play hasn’t exactly been stellar, he’s been able to keep the ship afloat. All this while Rodgers himself has been staying close to the team and even eyeing a potential comeback late in the season.

However, following the Jets’ ugly 27-6 loss to the Chargers on Sunday, Saleh was forced to answer some questions about Zach Wilson and his status. The young QB was sacked eight times and went 33-49 for 263 yards and no touchdowns.

So, the coach was asked whether it might be time to give a shot to the backup’s backup, Trevor Simien.

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“Sometimes it’s very obvious when you turn on the all-22 that the quarterback is just incapable,” Saleh told talk show host Michael Kay. “That’s just not the case here. There are so many things that everybody needs to get better at, including the quarterback.”

“It would be one thing if it was just [Zach Wilson]. If it was just him, it would be worth discussing, but this is a collective issue.”

While Saleh may feel things are set for now, Simien does present an interesting option should the coach change his mind. Despite being a seventh-round pick, he’s managed to stay around the NFL since 2015, and he’s been a starter for the Broncos. So, it will be interesting to see this Sunday when New York travels to Las Vegas if Zach Wilson gets a long leash – or a short hook.


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