New York Jets DL Quinnen Williams | SCREENSHOT: Clip Century/youtube

Defensive lineman Quinnen Williams responded to reporting made by Monday Night Football analyst Troy Aikman

Monday Night Football commentator and former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman knows what it’s like to have a defensive lineman breathing down your neck. It happened regularly during his 12 seasons in the pocket for the Cowboys. But he probably didn’t expect to be in hot water from Quinnen Williams after recent comments the Hall of Famer made regarding the Jets’ big man.

Troy Aikman – Monday Night Football | SCREENSHOT: ESPN/youtube

Williams was taken aback by comments that the broadcaster made when he discussed the massive, four-year, $96-million dollar deal that the free agent signed in July. Despite the contract, his numbers haven’t lived up to those levels.

However, Aikman was pointing out that even if Quinnen Williams wasn’t racking up huge sack statistics in 2023, his mere presence made a difference on the field. For example, the fact that the offense had to be wary of him opened up holes for others, making him seem like “the highest-paid decoy in football” – and even alluding to the fact that Williams viewed himself that way.

However, Williams says wherever Aikman got that perception, it certainly wasn’t him.

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“I never talked to Troy Aikman,” Williams said. “I never said that to Troy Aikman. Like I don’t know where he got that from.”

Williams, who had 12.0 sacks in 2022, only has 0.5 so far through eight games played this season. However, his head coach Robert Saleh has defended this number in discussing how many other ways the defensive starn makes an impact on the field.

“Unfortunately, we live in a society where sack production is the measure of how good a player is and it’s not even close,” Saleh said. “[Williams is] wrecking games.”


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