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Call Him Dana the Destroyer

Anyone who has watched one of UFC President Dana White’s “F*** It Friday’s” where he eats some unholy kitchen-made monstrosity knows that the man is not one to shy away from a meal. No one seems to be shaming him for bad eating habits however since over the past several years, White has made it his personal mission to become as healthy as possible so he can live a long, happy life.

This isn’t just some New Year’s resolution he’s been doing pretty well at. UFC fans have gotten to know the popular league president more personally over the past decade, especially his views on how the death of his parent’s impacted him and the terrifying health scare he encountered which forced him to take a serious look at his own mortality.

White this week showed off the result of working with health professionals and his commitment to his goals, and holy sh*t do I need to do whatever Dana’s doing.

“I did an 86 hour water fast and I feel INCREDIBLE!” White posted to his X account. “Obviously I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been told by the experts that water fasting can help to significantly reduce the risk of cancer, Alzheimers and a ton of other health issues.”

Mrs. White better be on guard because some women might be calling “Uncle” Dana “Daddy” at the pool from now on.

MLB Owners Approve Oakland A’s Escape… I Mean Move to Las Vegas

It doesn’t matter how much complaining and moaning Tom Hanks and other Oakland A’s faithful did, the MLB has had enough and the team is now moving to their new home in Las Vegas.

According to Breitbart:

The Oakland Athletics’ move to Las Vegas was unanimously approved Thursday by Major League Baseball team owners, cementing the sport’s first relocation since 2005, according to two people familiar with the vote.

The people spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the league had not yet announced the results. A 75% vote of the 30 teams was necessary to make the move, which was endorsed by baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred.

No Shirt, No Football

Look, everyone wants to have fun at football games, that’s why we go to them. So when you get kicked out from one, just know you’re taking points off the fun meter, especially if your version of fun is more x-rated than family friendly.

From Fox News:

OnlyFans model Danii Banks received more than just a penalty flag on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium as the Las Vegas Raiders defeated the New York Jets, 16-12.

Banks posted a video on her Instagram showing herself flashing her breasts inside the stadium. She was wearing a top that had the word “Raiders” emblazoned across her chest.

Danii Banks via Pillow Talk YouTube, screenshot

Damian Lillard Shines Since He Wasn’t Hiding Behind Giannis’ Shadow

Its been a tough season for the Bucks, but new addition to the team Damian Lillard is showing that besides Giannis, there is another star on the court to pay attention to.

Andre Ward Wishes Nate Diaz ‘Would Let His Hands Go More’ During Boxing Debut Against Jake Paul

Nate Diaz lost to Jake Paul. Well, not if you ask Nate Diaz, who has gone on to repeatedly say that he didn’t take the fight seriously to begin with against the influencer turned boxer. Doesn’t seem to be his real feelings however since he’s been pushing for a rematch in the boxing ring while Paul, who is partnered with the PFL, has challenged Diaz to a MMA rematch.

MMA fighter Andre Ward is one of those Diaz supporters who believes Diaz just didn’t go into the fight against Paul the way he should have.

“I thought he did OK,” Ward while appearing onon The MMA Hour. “I would’ve liked to have seen him let his hands go more. I think that’s his strength.Nate is not a defensive fighter. His offense is his defense, he overwhelms you with awkward volume and that was the proper game plan for a guy like Jake Paul. You give time to think he’s gonna set up the right hand, if he has nothing else, he’s got a gifted right hand, he’s got a natural right hand that has a mind of its own.

“I would’ve liked to have seen Nate just be more offensive. That’s him when his engine is revving and he’s letting shots go.”

That Time Francis Ngannou ‘Tested’ Whether Protective Cups Worked

Francis Ngannou may have lost by split decision in his boxing debut to WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, but he is the absolute winner it seems in the court of public opinion.

To celebrate Ngannou-mania, here is a clip from the film “Jackass Forever” that will remind you why everyone loves “The Predator” (as well as why you should never take a hit from this dude).

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