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“The Gypsy King” Tyson Fury may have been declared the winner by split-decision on Saturday during his match with MMA star Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, but sports commentators, athletes, and regular fans alike seem convinced that the true winner of the fight was “The Predator”, Ngannou. One of those in the Cameroonian fighter’s corner is former UFC fighter and current commentator, Daniel Cormier, who is convinced that Ngannou came out the winner in the court of public opinion after Saturday’s epic fight.

Daniel Cormier via Daniel Cormier YouTube, screenshot

“[It was] one of the most courageous and greatest performances I have seen by an athlete outside of their realm of expertise,” said Cormier over on his YouTube channel.

“Guys, make no mistake about it, I believe this with 100 percent of myself. Everything I hold to be true in my life, Francis Ngannou is the baddest man on the planet. 100 percent, 1000 percent.

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“We always call the heavyweight champ the baddest man on the planet and it’s usually the MMA guy that is the baddest man on the planet,” he continued. “That’s why when Tyson Fury started to call Jon Jones out and everything I was saying how he could not beat Jon Jones in an actual fight. Francis Ngannou proved he is the baddest man on the planet.”

This was perhaps the biggest exhibition fight since 2017’s match between UFC star Conor McGregor and boxing champ Floyd Mayweather. Unlike Ngannou, McGregor lost his match by TKO in the 10th round.

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Before the Fury vs. Ngannou fight, there were concerns about Ngannou’s endurance in the later rounds, especially considering McGregor’s struggles with stamina in his fight against Mayweather. However, Ngannou’s supporters were pleasantly surprised as he continued to perform successfully towards the end of his bout.

“He over-delivered in that fight so now there’s a world of opportunities still out there for Francis Ngannou,” Cormier added. “Does he actually go to PFL when right now, he could go out there and fight some of the great heavyweights around the world. He could go fight Deontay Wilder and nobody would bat an eyelid. He could fight some of those guys that Tyson Fury fought.”

Who do you think is the true winner of the fight? Fury or Ngannou? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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