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This may come as a surprise, but throughout history, men have been known to enjoy the looks and design of the female body.

Through different times and societies, the female form has been by turn celebrated as a work of art, and hidden away in the name of modesty. Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges is not one to shy away from the form she inhabits – though as she makes clear in recent comments, she is much more than just her looks.

More Than Meets The Eye

The reality is, women who are at the top of the conventional-attractiveness pile often have to prove their bonafides far more than, say, men. The “Blonde Bomber” is no different, but she wants to set the record clear.

While out of the ring with an injury, Bridges has looked for other ways to bring in an income and keep her busy. One of those ways has been a business partnership with MMA star Conor McGregor – specifically his Forged Irish Stout brand of suds.

That alone (probably) wouldn’t have been enough to get the rumor mill spinning, but it was enough for some online denizens to trot out the accusations.

Specifically, Bridges addressed the issue, saying, “I’ve seen some comments online saying, ‘You need to have t**s and blonde hair to get sponsored.’ I reply, ‘I think he pretty much sponsors every single boxer on all the shows.’ They’ve all got a partnership with Forged Stout.”

She may be right. It also doesn’t hurt.

Nevertheless, Bridges isn’t just a pretty face in the ring. In fact, she’s currently the IBF bantamweight world champion – at 37 years old! She can throw hands, period.

Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Watch this outrageous combo:

Beer, Boobs, Boxing, Business

Teaming up with the possible future President of Ireland isn’t the only thing Bridges is up to during her recuperation from injury. She is also running an apparently successful OnlyFans account (Go find it yourself!) and looking to expand beyond her existing beer partnership.

But this is not to say she is hanging up her gloves. Just this weekend she was supposed to face off with challenger Avril Mathie in a bout dubbed the “Battle of the Boobs” on December 9, but Mathie is dealing with her own injury.

Ring or no ring, it looks like Ebanie Bridges is only getting started.

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