mark murphy defensive coordinator
Ryan Dickey from Evanston, IL | Wikimedia Commons

The Green Bay Packers are unlike any other team in professional sports: they have no owner, and the team is held by a public nonprofit corporation. Instead, a President is the top guy for the Pack, and outgoing President Mark Murphy had at least one more “interview” to do before he calls it quits in 2025.

Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy won a Super Bowl and once led the league in interceptions as safety for the Washington Redskins | via Wikimedia

By now, most Americans, earthlings, and even the aliens have seen the thousands of complaints Cheeseheads had about now-fired defensive coordinator Joe Barry, who is now in the Pit of Misery (dilly dilly!) along with Dom Capers and Mike Pettine and most especially Ed Donatell. If there’s one thing about us Packers fans, it’s that we have all the answers.

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Sorry, Dan

Our answer was to give the job to fan Dan McDermott, who applied for the open gig. While we don’t have Dan’s curriculum vitae, anyone who watched the Packers season could tell you that a ham sandwich knows NOT TO HAVE A LINEBACKER COVER JUSTIN JEFFERSON, and so he was a good option for the job.

But the best part of the story is that Packers President Mark Murphy actually responded to Dan’s “application” for Defensive Coordinator.

Murphy had a little fun with the die-hard fan, even bringing up our arch-nemesis:

Bill, Thanks so much for your cover letter and resume regarding our Defensive Coordinator position. While your fantasy football experience is impressive, I regret to inform you that we have decided to go in a different direction. I hear the Bears have an opening – you look to be a perfect fit for them. Thanks again. Sincerely – Mark

Oof. Also a bad idea. We don’t want someone more impressive than Joe Barry to call the D for the Chiraq Spare Bears.

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Joe Barry To The Pit Of Misery

The Packers’ 2023 season was an absolutely incredible ride, going from the lowest lows and panicked desperation to a legitimate contender. None of that was thanks to Barry.

Why was he hired in the first place? His resume was flaming hot garbage. This man was responsible for the Detroit Lions’ 0-16 defensive effort in 2008. Read that again. I’m all for second chances, but that’s 16 chances. Regardless, Barry followed up that effort with his next gig in Washington, where he led the Redskins D to the bottom of the barrel again.

When you see things like a middle linebacker move out to the numbers to cover Justin Jefferson and wonder how such things could happen, all you have to do is remind yourself, “2008.” That’s how such a thing could happen.

New Coordinator Who Dis

Murphy and Co. did make a decision on a new defensive coordinator, though: Boston College’s Jeff Hafley.

The team is rumored to be moving back to a 4-3 defense in this pass-happy league. More than that, Hafley likes to play single-high safety (hello, 46 defense!?) along with that stouter front.

The questions that loom for the Pack now are at safety, where there’s no one on the roster with the ability to play centerfield like Hafley will need, and the defensive line.