Paige Spiranac
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The golf influencer Paige Spiranac debuted a new look to the world as she celebrated her 31st birthday on Tuesday.

Spiranac’s New Look For Her Birthday

Daily Mail reported that Spiranac took to Instagram to reveal to her four million followers that she has gone from blonde to brunette as she offered some tips on “how to be better at golf.”

“Changed my hair color and wearing a lot less makeup than normal,” explained in the comments section. “Going for a more natural look.”

 “Thank you so much! I’ve been enjoying the more natural look,” Spiranac wrote to one fan who complimented her appearance.

Spiranac unfortunately had to reply to some negative comments as well, however.

“Worst golf tip person in the history of the game. Who here can honestly say they can even pay attention to the words coming out of her mouth?” one person wrote, to which Spiranac replied: “A lot of people actually.”

“I get a bunch of messages from people saying my golf tips have lowered their scores,” she added. “It’s your biased opinion based off of my appearance but the information I give is solid.”

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Spiranac’s Golf Tips

Spiranac’s golf tips in her latest video were as follows:

1. If you prefer to hit a draw, tee up on the left side of the box. 

2. If you prefer to hit a fade, tee up on the right side of the box. 

3. When to go for it or not on a par 5? If you can’t reach in two, then lay up to a comfortable yardage.

4. Fire for the center of the green to avoid being short-sided.

Spiranac’s History

Spiranac played professional golf for just one year before stepping away from it because she felt “mentally exhausted.” Since then, she’s become a social media star, garnering over four million followers on Instagram.

“Instead of sitting down and feeling sorry for myself, I picked myself back up and threw myself into my media work,” she said last year. “My background of just grinding, hard work has really helped me in my media career, because I work so incredibly hard.”

“And the difference is here, the harder I work, the more successful I’ve become and I think that’s why it’s been a more fulfilling journey for me than professional golf… the outcome is positive,” she continued.

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Spiranac’s Q&A

Last week, Spiranac held a Q&A in which she touched on a number of topics, including how she became an influencer.

“A big debate if it’s actually about the golf or not,” Spiranac said, according to Fox News. “But how it all started was crazy. I was in college. Someone wrote an article about me. The article ended up going viral. I went from like having 500 followers to 100,000 followers overnight. And, the rest is history.”

Spiranac also responded to a question about whether or not her teeth are real.

“Some things are real, and some things are not real on me,” she explained. “So, these two teeth are actually caps. My teeth just didn’t grow properly, and so I had to get caps on these two teeth. So, no. Not everything is real.”

Spiranac has certainly made quite a name for herself in the world of social media. Here’s hoping that she had a great birthday, and that she’ll have many more to come!