Aaron Rodgers in talks with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for potential Vice President role in Independent bid for President. Stay informed on this surprising political development.

Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback for the New York Jets.

But he might be joining a new and different kind of team.

That is if Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has anything to say about it.

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RFK Jr. Tells New York Times That Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura Have Both Been Approached About Being His VP

From Sports Illustrated’s ‘Jets Country’: “According to the New York Times, Rodgers was recently approached by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about being his Vice President running mate for an Independent bid at President later this year. The story says Kennedy is also attempting to lure former professional wrestler and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura onto his team.

“Both have welcomed the overtures,” the Times noted.

The story continued:

Rodgers, 40, has become chummy with Kennedy in the last couple years over their skepticism of the United States government in general and the country’s response to COVID in particular.

Kennedy recently posted to his social media a photo of him climbing a mountain. The story says the two have been talking “pretty continuously” for the past month.

Rodgers went on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast last month and spewed forth multiple conspiracy theories also embraced by Kennedy.

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Vice President Rodgers

Rodgers is already openly supporting Kennedy’s presidential race. Kennedy tried to run in the Democratic primary but after Joe Biden’s campaign shut him out and refused to debate, RFK Jr. went the Independent route.

Kennedy has always polled fairly well throughout the 2024 election.

Is America ready for Vice President Aaron Rodgers? Obviously, that would also require a President Kennedy.

While that is unlikely to happen, it can be fun to think about.

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