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Late in the race at Richmond on Sunday, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace spun out Kyle Larson’s car.

It was controversial, to say the least.

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‘Good to See’

But Wallace has since apologized to Larson, and fellow driver Denny Hamlin is glad.

Yardbarker reports, “The pair tangling and bringing out the yellow allowed Hamlin’s pit crew to get him to the lead, which the Joe Gibbs Racing veteran wouldn’t relinquish over the green-white-checkered restart. All in all, Hamlin captured his second win of the season, when it looked like Martin Truex Jr. had the race in the bag.”

“You kind of look at that accident, and you could see where — now, that was a very vulnerable part of the racetrack, where Larson got really loose off a turn four,” Hamlin said in an interview. “You can see, where he got clear Bubba, and then started getting loose, and then checked up and then Bubba was right on him.”

“So it was good to see Bubba come over there and at least apologize to him,” he added.

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The Right Apology

“Whether he’s right or wrong, doesn’t matter. At least you show that like, ‘Hey, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to get into you.’ But Kyle looked like he was pretty happy after the race.”

Hamlin said he believed Bubba Wallace handled the situation well and that he took the right course of action after the unfortunate event.

Things happen in sports and life. Things that are inevitable. Some are even beyond our control.

But when mistakes or mishaps happen, the best we can do is own them and apologize to anyone who might have been wronged.

It appears that Bubba Wallace did the best he could with a bad situation. Doing that is not not only admirable, but certainly preferable to doing nothing at all.