NBA: Indiana Pacers at Los Angeles Clippers
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Los Angeles Clippers point guard Russell Westbrook got into a heated argument with a heckling fan during his team’s recent game against the Charlotte Hornets.

The confrontation appears to have materialized based on a Hornets fan – a man wearing a teal balloon crown mind you – possibly referring to the NBA star as ‘Westbrick.’

Westbrook joins a growing number of basketball players who, despite their entire athletic career being contingent on bouncing balls, don’t seem to have any when it comes to unruly fans.

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Russell Westbrook Really Doesn’t Like Being Called Russell ‘Westbrick’

Bruh, the most embarrassing thing for your family name is that you can’t handle a little heat from a fan who, we once again feel the need to point out, was wearing a balloon hat.

That’s the guy you decided to go to war with?

“That’s my family name. Respect that,” Westbrook says, according to the Daily Mail. “I got kids, don’t disrespect my name. You understand?”

He adds, “Do you understand? I don’t give a fuck do you understand me?”

Westbrook, a former NBA MVP, had confronted a fan previously over the nickname in 2022. At the time he was in the midst of putting up what the New York Post describes as “historically poor offensive numbers.”

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Man Up NBA Players

Look, I’m not sticking up for the Hornets fan by any stretch of the imagination. But seriously, Russ, how do you even keep a straight face when the dude across from you is wearing balloons?

Westbrook previously vowed to go after any fans who call him “Westbrick.” His wife, Nina, claimed their family was getting “death wishes” amid his scoring slump.

Death wishes/threats? Always off limits. Always. Did the Hornets fan suddenly go from making balloon animals for his noggin to making threats? It doesn’t seem likely.

Earlier this season, Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic had a fan ejected from the arena for heckling him. The fan’s crime? Saying Doncic needed to “get (his) ass on the treadmill.”

Prior to that, a Rabbi claimed that Mavericks Point Guard Kyrie Irving had security remove a sign they had expressing pride in being Jewish.

Then of course there was that famous incident with LeBron James whimpering to security to get a fan thrown out of a Lakers game.

You’ll see Westbrook come to James’ aid in this video as well.

Nothing will ever beat the images of James practically dragging an NBA official over to snitch on the fans, and then the woman fake crying on her way out of the arena.

The thin skin doesn’t stop with players either. Earlier this year, Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weaver had a fan thrown out of a game and threatened to “beat (his) ass.”

All because the fan pointed out that Weaver sucks at his job.

Narrator: He does suck at his job.

Russell Westbrook got the last laugh it seems. He scored 11 points en route to the Clippers win over the Hornets, 130-118. He only tossed up two bricks in that contest, well below his season average.

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