Troy Weaver involved in heated altercation with fan during Detroit Pistons game. Find out what led to the incident.
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Detroit Pistons general manager Troy Weaver got into a heated verbal altercation with a fan resulting in the latter being thrown out of a game against the Dallas Mavericks.

Weaver’s actions continue a trend of thin-skinned NBA executives and athletes forcing fans to be ejected after little more than objectionable barbs thrown in their direction.

Video that surfaced on social media shows the Pistons executive threatening the fan saying, “You’re lucky I don’t beat your ass.”

The fan responds, “You suck at your job.”

The video ends with Weaver pointing the man out to security.

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Troy Weaver Can’t Stand A Fan Heckling Him

Now, do we know everything that happened before the camera started rolling? No, of course not. We weren’t there. But you know who was there?

Jeffrey Calloway, a 46-year-old season-ticket holder from Detroit, who spoke to the Associated Press about what went down.

“The guy that was in the incident, with the Red Wings stuff on, came over and was pointing at the scoreboard earlier in the game,” Calloway said. “Troy Weaver just shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘OK,’ and the guy went back to his seat.”

But that’s when the fan did something unforgivable in the eyes of Troy Weaver. He said he sucks at his job.

“When (Jalen) Duren got ejected (midway through the fourth quarter), the guy came back and told him that he was terrible at his job,” explained Calloway. “Then, Troy Weaver was telling the fan he had to leave and that’s when ushers or security walked over.”

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The Fan Is Right, Weaver Does Kinda Suck

Look dude, if you’re going to sit amongst the paying fans, you should expect some level of ribbing if they know who you are. Especially if they know who you are, and who you are is the general manager of a team that is a league-worst 10-53.

In fact, under Troy Weaver’s tenure, the Detroit Pistons are a combined 70-229. Earlier this season, the club set a single-season league record with 28 straight losses.

So the fan is kinda right.

In a just world, the fan should have pointed Weaver out to security and had him escorted out of the building.

The funny part is that ran an article on this incident touting Weaver’s “strong response” to the heckling fan. Yes, very strong to whine and cry because somebody gives you an accurate employee evaluation.

I mean seriously, what is going on in the world of sports that athletes and executives can’t handle some big bad words from their fans?

Late last year, the Carolina Panthers team owner appeared to throw a drink at a fan.

Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic also had a fan ejected from the arena for heckling him. The fan’s crime? Saying Doncic needed to “get (his) ass on the treadmill.”

Prior to that, a Rabbi claimed that Mavericks Point Guard Kyrie Irving had security remove a sign they had expressing pride in being Jewish.

Then, of course, there’s that famous incident of LeBron James whimpering to security to get a fan thrown out of a Lakers game.

And New York Knicks owner James Dolan uses facial recognition technology to keep certain people out of Madison Square Trash Heap Garden.

Fellas, there are plenty of balls to go around in the world of sports. But maybe y’all can grow a pair instead of crying when rowdy fans hurt your feelings?

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